blacklane_iconI went to Milan for my project as I work with an advertisement company; I had a meeting with my client. As I am a control freak needed everything perfectly fixed before I land in Milan. I searched for some taxi app which I could use for my airport to hotel transfer and after reading different reviews and checking different Apps I downloaded Blacklane.

My overall experience:

At first, I had issues linking it with my credit card, however, after two attempts I did it, don’t know whether it was the app or my iPhone network, however, the easiest thing is to handle this app’s user interface. It is simple and user-friendly. I saved the location information when screen prompted as I needed only transfer service, so I selected that one, so didn’t check the hourly tab. The next step was to feed my destination information, I filled the hotel address where my stay was confirmed, I filled date and selected first class as I would prefer Business Class car only with a client or my boss. So I selected first car and all information regarding payment and bill was completed, however, still I was worried whether this will work or not, so I also prepared a backup plan. It was the option of public transport i.e. train which I chose as I didn’t have extra luggage and train was the best backup plan as I searched some information related to Milan Public transport. However, as I prefer to avoid public transport especially when there is an important meeting, I can’t take chances.

Sync with communication and transparency:

In one word, my backup plan remained in the box itself as I got Hassle free traveling experience. I received an email confirmation in the morning itself before my flight. Finally at a new place I received a trouble free journey. I assume this is what Blacklane App offers to its customers I guess fewer worries and simplicity. I received the information through email and via the app, regarding my driver information and his mobile number. After my flight had landed, I called him there was some exit gate confusion. However, it all sorted in few minutes. He even had my name written on a big card when he approached my exit gate; he also waited for me when I asked that I had to use restroom amidst all this I didn’t use the restroom as I didn’t want to miss the call for my car. My driver helped me with my bag sheer out of chivalry.

As it was not heavy I could have taken care of it; he still assisted with my luggage. In short, the overall experience was good. The car was Mercedes Sedan, and it has all the luxurious comfort that a sedan offers. I had to check quickly my presentation which I did in the car itself. After I had reached the hotel, I got a message to rate my driver and ride experience. I gave five stars as I had no issues at all. It was a pleasant experience which I wanted.

Thoughts about Blacklane App:

I have still not uninstalled the app as I liked the business class car option; one knows it is not readily available. You never know when you can avail the benefits of a business class car as on few occasions you do require to have this kind of service. My next trip is to New York hope I will get the same service and experience and as my boss will meet me at the airport before we proceed further for the meeting I hope Blacklane will provide the same service.

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