blade_iconThe Blade of Elemental surprised me. When I first downloaded the app I admit that I wasn’t expecting much, just wanted to try out a new app with an action type feel to it. The game has a role-playing type interface so you get the combined action/RP style. 

If you’re not familiar with the game, you use weapons and customized spells to battle your way through the game. Your targets are monsters and as you progress they get a little more intimidating. One thing I really enjoyed was the sheer number of tools, spells and other specialty items found in the game itself. You can use them in a variety of ways to battle, attack and kill the monsters that work against you.

Blade of Elemental is the breakout app by New Joy Entertainment and I have to say, I am excited to see more from this developer. The game is intensely addictive and I found myself getting pulled in by the customized tools throughout the app. It was also intuitive to learn and play, with a short learning curve. For that reason I thought it was perfect for newbies too.

I should also say that even though the game was easy to learn, that doesn’t mean that it is too easy. It was constantly raising the bar between levels and battles to make the app challenging from the start. I really like that I can learn how to play the app quickly without being bored, that is a huge plus in my book! Another plus is how easy the interface is to interact with, I only have to use a few finger strokes to work the controls. A swipe here and there and I can cut and jab at monsters during a battle or make my way through the app. 

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With nearly unlimited ways to take down a monster, this game also kept me thinking. It was nice to be able to be creative and still accomplish the task, some games are so rigid that it is hard to figure out what the developer wants from you. This isn’t the case with Blade of Elemental, it allows you to figure out the best way to approach a challenge and go from there. Really nice feature for those of us who like to improvise and especially nice if you like to try things differently or experiment with the game itself.

Oh! And it can be played while offline which is a huge plus for me. I work in remote locations that don’t have consistent wifi or data so it is nice to have a game that works on my phone without requiring internet. I am going to be honest, that is one of the main reasons I downloaded the game to begin with, because of its offline functionality. I wish more developers had this sort of mindset when designing their games – not everyone has an internet connection they can rely on!

If you like action, role-playing type games, check out Blade of Elemental, you won’t be disappointed.

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