Gone are the days when mobile app development was dedicated to the group of proficient coding professionals who were well familiar with the ins and outs regarding the native platform language. Today, even a person with a plain knowledge of popular web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript can come up with apps that are rich in features and functions.

In today’s post, I’ll be making you familiar with three simple methods that enable you to build high-performing mobile apps without the need of getting your hands dirty with complex and lengthy coding. So, let’s get straight to these three easy and hassle-free mobile app development methods.

Is it actually viable to create an app without any code?

Well, the answer is ‘No’. Unlike getting indulged in mobile app development using the coding approach, you can go ahead with creating simple and complex mobile applications via web services that are both easy-to-use and extremely affordable. Continue reading this post as I’ll be making you familiar with three different web services that enable the non-programmers to create wonderful mobile applications.

  1. Nativ

Firstly, you need to create a free account with Nativ. Serving as a simple solution for building beautiful mobile apps, Nativ comes with a simple drag and drop app builder to combine all your social networks and online services onto a single mobile platform. To get started with building an app using Nativ, all you need to is simply choose a specific template for the app. After selecting the best suited template for your app, you’ll be shown two different tabs viz: Design and Features. While you’ll be able to tweak the app’s layout, font, background image and logo under the ‘Design’ tab, the ‘Features’ tab would allow you to choose from a suite of streams that can be incorporated into your app. Some of the best streams include Twitter, Facebook, PDF reader and many more. Other popular streams like Chat and WordPress are likely to be introduced under the ‘Features’ tab. After you’re done with setting the desired preferences, you’ll be able to view a preview of the app towards the right side of the page. Now, you need to click on the ‘Finish the app’ button to mark the completion of app development process. Whether you’re inclined on creating an app for a restaurant, a musician or a blogger; Nativ is the web service that will allow you to achieve your kind of app easily. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Nativ also publishes the apps under its own developer account but you may publish your app under your name.

  1. Appy Pie

Just like the case of Nativ, even Appy Pie expects you to sign up for an account before using it for creating of an innovative, scintillating mobile app. With Appy Pie, you just need to follow a simple three step process wherein you’re just required to select a suitable app category, build the app and publish the final app. Top App Categories featured on Appy Pie include Radio, Restaurant, Veterinary, Business, Real Estate and Churches. Having being used for building over 100,000 apps for multiple platforms including iOS, Android and BlackBerry, Appy Pie comes loaded with exciting features like the ones mentioned below:

  • Analytics which allows publishers to monitor different user interactions with their specific apps- an attempt to measure the app’s impact and overall user behavior
  • Flexibility to share your apps directly from the mobile phone. App Pie’s App Maker can be easily integrated with stunning services that enable easy and quick sharing of mobile apps
  • A dynamic monetization platform makes it quite convenient for you to monetize your apps via Advertisements and many other tempting rewards, deals and offers.
  • Flexibility to creating fabulous M-Commerce apps that ensure an improved mobile presence of your e-store without the need for writing any lengthy code
  • The Push Notifications feature allows you to send real-time push notifications from the iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, iPad or any other type of apps

Considered as one of the fastest cloud-based DIY(Do-It-Yourself) mobile app builder, Appy Pie doesn’t expect you to have any programming skills for creating an app that targets iOS, Android and Windows 8 Phone.

  1. Kinetise

As a yet another coding-free method of building great mobile apps, Kinetise comes with a stunning look and feel. To get started with Kinetise, you’ll first need to design the app’s interface using a set of images, color schemes and overlays. After this, you’ll be required to build the features that would be incorporated into the app. Here, you can leverage the flexibility of combining front-end features with the back-end tools for achieving utmost app scalability. Finally, you can get on with making your app live within a single minute, followed by sharing it with your family and friends. You may even opt for submitting your app to multiple app stores available online. With Kinetise, you can enjoy the convenience of using excellent features like the flexibility to combine standalone and data-driven widgets, design once deploy everywhere, complete app design freedom, template free environment and many more.

Wrapping Up

Those were some of the hand-picked app creation services for you. Hope you’d have chosen the best one for your forthcoming mobile app development project.