dialmask_appiconThe world is not a safe place anymore and you need to take all the best measures to ensure that your identity is well protected. We all have the belief that our phone number is our personal number and it is not public information, but if you have ever filled a form with your phone number, have made purchases online or have a presence in the online social networks, know for sure that even your phone number is not your personal anymore.

The growing incidents of identity theft has made it essential to keep your personal data best protected so that your personal information are not compromised under any circumstances and you can have the best peace of mind. To make this possible DialMaskInc has released their trademark app DialMask; which masks your phone number every time you use it and thus keeping your personal number really personal.

DialMask comes with a free trial so that the users can check the effectiveness of the app before spending money on it. As soon as a user signs up with DialMask he or she is provided with $2.50 credit, so that you can check the service and realize how DialMask can help you to protect your privacy. The best thing about the app is that, during the registration you do not need to provide any personal information; so do not think it as subscribing with another carrier; this application only masks your existing number from being displayed publicly.

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DialMask is not a call forwarding or call back service. It does not need the user to get into any contracts. Users can pay as they use the service and add fund to their DialMask account as and when they need. Another unique feature of DialMask is that it allows you to choose your own private number to be displayed with voicemail and you can even opt for more than one numbers according to your requirements. The app is effective to make and receive calls from anywhere across the world and supports texting for numbers of US, UK, France, Canada, Australia and Germany. It offers local as well as international calls at competitive rates and enables you to turn your number to a conference call service according to your requirements.

To use the DialMask app you need to have an active mobile number and you should be using an iPhone 5s smartphone or higher. This application requires iOS 8.0 or higher for installation and smooth running along with network connection. This app is not designed to work on Apple Watch or iPad and cannot be used for emergency services like 911. While you are using this app, no mobile minute is counted but the availability of the local area code might vary. One more important feature of this app is that, the DialMask numbers automatically expires after a span of 28days in case there is insufficient balance in your account.

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