Have you ever wanted to build your own home and design every part of it? While interior designers would do that for you, it isn’t the same as doing the whole process by yourself. Putting in your own heart and soul into designing your home gives a different kind of satisfaction altogether. If you have felt this way at some point but have let the idea go because of the amount of effort and time you will have to put in, then you have to check out the iOS app Home Decor Virtual Interior Design Tool. This app will help you design your home right from the comforts of your iOS device.

With Home Decor Virtual Interior Design Tool, you can virtually design your home and give it a personal touch. You need not run around to find furniture, lighting or any other home decoration items. All of it is a part of the app. Most of the back end work is done by the app developer Grace Tang. You merely have to pick what suits your home and put it all in place.

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Working with the app is simple and fun both. To begin with, you click a picture of each room in your house and upload it in the app. You are then ready to start designing your home. To make sure that nothing goes wrong, you virtually design it all first and then turn it into reality. The app has images of various home décor items of all kinds. You place these on top of your images and see how they fit in. The choices are immense indeed. You will never get tired nor find such a wide collection in any store offline.

Once you have designed your home, you can save images for future use. Also, you can share them directly with loved ones through the app using social media. Once everyone is satisfied and you have made up your mind, the app helps you turn your dream home into a reality too. It is not merely restricted to designing your home virtually.

You can save the designs you like in the form of home decoration idea cards. Once you do this, you can directly get quotes from a variety of vendors. The awesome part is that these quotes include discounts too! This way, you can ensure that your design fits in your budget well enough.

If you wish to explore interior designing by yourself, you have to try out this app. It makes the entire process so simple and easy. The user interface is very easy to use and highly intuitive too. Just anyone without any knowledge of home décor can use it and build their own home designs. All the hard work of visiting vendors and experimenting with items is done on your iPad. This saves you a lot of time and effort, while also giving you the best of everything. The app is great overall and serves its purpose very well. All you need is an iOS device with iOS 8.4 or higher.

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