I ron man 3 the game was released on April 2013 and is an artwork in games developed and published by Gameloft. It is a an endless runner type of game that now includes flying and is a loose detachment of the all popular movie the Iron Man 3. The game is most popular in its android form.

The game has made it possible for the gamers to walk or in this case juggle between running and flying in the shoes of the game star billionaire and philanthropist, Tony Stark. This is as he runs worldwide protecting the peace keepers and shooting the villains while still dodging space obstacles.

Gamers also get to dress up Tony into 18 different suit attires and weaponry that they get through buying in-game points which can be achieved by collecting objects and power-ups. Iron man 3 has improved with super colorful and eye catching landscapes that have gamers eyes pop out as they fight through the four villain stages of the game. To accumulate more points gamers are expected to battle the Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Live Laser and the Mighty Modok.

Each of the games run has its unique obstacles and enemies. What makes the game more interesting however, are the daily and totally different missions. This involves flying over given distances, killing enemies or having boss fights. Its this missions that will give you reason enough to get going back at the game each day if not keep you glued to it for a day to its entirety.

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The game’s graphics and music are of superb quality and this is one of the features that make it different from the other games of its genre. Unlike its predecessors whose controls were solely on screen, Iron Man 3 provides for improved steering modes by providing for the tilt-steering mode for smartphones & tablets. This eases game handling very much.

The game has received lots of accolades and praise from accomplished game reviewers as well as the regular gamers. Iron Man 3 has been quite a quench to Iron Man the game series lovers. It will as well present quit a thrill to first timers. The only criticism so far received of the Iron Man 3 is its repetitive need use power up for almost every upgrade. This however approached in a different perspective should serve to make the game interesting and increase the urge to play on to garner points.

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