If you’re a fan of ‘Ice Age’ film series and can achieve the wondrous feat, then you will probably enjoy Ice Age Adventures game. It is a beautiful game developed and released by Gameloft. The game is all about to rescue the bunch of entire herd while exploring the unknown with ‘Manny’, ‘Sid’ and ‘Diego’ as playable characters and enjoy with the casual fun of diverse environments like treacherous lush lands and snowy islands.

Features: ‘Ice Age Adventures’ is emphasized with following list of features which makes it a must-play android game for any fan this series.

1) The GameLoft again came up with Beautiful 3D graphics and Fun animations that create an amazing simulation of the ‘ICE AGE’ world.

2) official soundtrack and the original voice of Hollywood casts shows that GameLoft didn’t spare any expenses on this game. The game is fairly solid with all star-studded features aside.

3) The mini-games are an absolute joy.You will find candy crush style games where you have to crush the ice, the next level would ask you to save Scrat with your friends and next level may ask you to save Sid from sliding down the slope.

4) Ice Age Adventures also enable you to Invite every friend and compete with their mammal fellow in the puzzle or runner games. Hence, it allows to share your animal collections on a social networking with your family and friends.

5) ‘Ice Age Adventures’ is available free of cost to download and play..The virtual currencies called as ‘Shells’, ‘Acorns’ and ‘Berries’ which are collected during game-play can be utilized to care any ‘virtual animal’ or buy in-game items. However, if you are not left with any virtual currencies to perform an action, skip time or buy an item, it can be purchased with real money.

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Verdict: Overall, considered though, all things in ‘Ice Age Adventures’ is very well put together. With an amazing graphical representation, clear voice-list and concepts of multiple mini games makes it very exciting and addictive mini-game for any person from kid to adult.

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