Castle Breakout is a thrilling escape room game developed by Cloudburst Room Escape Inc. The app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. The graphics are unbelievably life-like. The 3D quality is so stunning real, you can almost feel the surfaces of things. The game has a total of 10 levels. It kicks off at an easy pace and gradually gets tougher and more challenging.

The setting is a cavernous ominous-looking medieval castle with many rooms. There is a King’s Quarter, an old pantry, a dusty Alchemy Room and so on. Each room has multiple clues, obstacles and puzzles to solve. The game starts with Rex, the Security Master trapped inside the castle. The player must enter each room in the castle and using the clues they must solve the puzzles and escape from of it. The puzzles may be easy to solve but can be hidden from view. The clues may also be camouflaged. Players have to be extremely alert to the signs on the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture inside every room. They will literally have to feel their way out of each dusty room. They are required to tap on each object or surface to see if it leads to a clue or a hidden object. For instance in the Alchemy Room, there are maps to be recovered, potions to be made and if one looks closely, one will notice that the draw knobs are missing. So players must keep an eye out for unusual and suspicious looking things. They will have to find all the clues in every room and solve all the puzzles before they can escape from it. If they are unable to finish all the tasks, they will remain trapped in the room and suffer a lonely fate. As the game proceeds, one starts collecting items. These are added to an inventory visible on the right side of the screen. The exit door opens only once all the tasks are completed in the room.

Features of the game:

Castle Breakout is an ‘escape game’. It is one of the most popular games in this category. It has 10 levels. One can start the game as a beginner or an expert. If one chooses to play as a beginner, the game offers many hints and clues. It tutors the player on the rules and controls. It is a very helpful feature for new players just starting out.

At the bottom of the screen, one will see two arrows pointing outwards. These lead the player to other connected rooms. There is a shield icon at the bottom centre of the screen. It gives hints to the player. There is also a snake hint that creates a green mist and guides the player on where to tap next. There may also be a person holding up a sign. There is a key area and a video camera to record the activities.

Every room throws a unique set of challenges. The puzzles may be mathematical in nature and may test the memory of the players. In the menu section, one can find all the controls, share the game and take short tutorials.

One useful feature of this game is that players can take a break whenever they want. They can just pause the game and later on just pick up from where they had left off. It is indeed a very convenient option.

The background score is created by award-winning music composer Marco Antonini. It has a very medieval ring to it and immediately takes the player to that bygone era.

Our Verdict:

Castle Breakout is a nail-biting escape-the-room game. It is entertaining and very addictive. The graphics are flawless. The background sound is enchanting. The features are very helpful and the game plan is tremendously exhilarating. Castle Breakout promises to keep the player hooked.

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