The BiorhythmΩ application has been purposefully created to predict various aspects of a person’s life through simple mathematical cycles. The theory which was developed by Wilhelm Fliess in the late 19th Century and implemented by the United States of America in the 1970’s is highly popularized among the people, and I use it. Its primary focus is providing daily biorhythm reading for one to know where he/she stands on things. The application measures for areas; the intellectual rhythm, the natural pace, natural rhythm and emotional rhythm. The application is set up by your name and birthday and provides an easy to read and understand interface showing all your four aspects.

The use of colors to display different data is easy to read and also provides a friendly interface and easy to use. The application is further broken down into four more parts; the information which is where you can get the background of the application, the user which indicates the list of users, the biorhythm where the registered user(s) can get to see his/her details and lastly the combination where the user can combine the average of two or more user(s) biorhythms. The app comes in two, you can get a paid app which does not come with ads, or you can get the free trial app which turns out to have some ads. The more you use this app, the more you get to learn more about the app.

I highly recommend the biorhythm application for it advises you on your future. It is highly advisable since it covers many areas and aspects of our lives like sports, sales, and education. The application is integrated to check on multiple users biorhythms through switching of dates and user accounts. It is an entertaining, stable, reliable and fun application for one’s biorhythm. Its consistency and relevancy make it safe though it came as a shock which none could have expected as a possibility at my perspective.

I was familiar with the functionality of this application which is built on, which initially is based on the dismissive German theories. I was taken aback when this application proved its consistency with what I experienced. According to my statistics biorhythm has become habitual frequenting in consultation as it would be with astrological transients or a weather application.

The application is easy to read, easy to interpret and easy to adjust. It has made work easier in planning activities carried amongst people lives which it also helps to understand the principles of biorhythms. The application is easy to navigate even when I was new I could still read my biorhythm since the information I was to feed in is very minimal against the information fed out.

On the other hand, the application’s HD version doesn’t apply in the Ipad, and it will be good if they adopt that in the Ipads since in many occasions you will find people using the Ipad inconvenienced. The new update fixed the problem that requires iOS 5.1 and now its the best app again. Biorhythm can be applied to anyone whichever the age, gender, race or ethnicity thus recommended among people.

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