Robo5 is a very popular 3D Android game in which you will be put in the shoes of a cute robot who will try to escape from his laboratory. As Robo5, your task is to climb up many mountains of boxes in order to reach their top and eventually enter into more advanced levels. Though playing this game may seem easy initially, later on you will face lots of difficulties.

This puzzle game starts with a few stages which will teach you how to play the game. A mysterious character called “LA” will provide you with useful tips. Apart from this, you will be able to practice some basic moves in these levels like pulling, pushing, and hopping along the sides of the boxes. If you have any desire for completing the later levels, you have to master these skills at first and also you must learn how to deal with immovable objects. Though the first 10 steps are relatively easy, the later stages are quite challenging.

While playing this game, you have to encounter several things such as gaps between objects which are almost impossible to cross. Since Robo5 cannot jump, therefore, you will be required to cross these obstacles by creating bridges or staircases with moveable boxes. However, the problem is that when you move these boxes, the other boxes might fall down or become inaccessible.

One drawback of this game is that you will be able to know very little about this game while playing it. In fact, at the start of the game you will know almost nothing except that you are a robot who has to reach the top of the boxes. After that, as you proceed through the game, you will be provided with some information regarding the character. It seems that this promise of providing information is meant to keep you playing the game. Even after playing 12 levels of Robo5, the icons and items are not properly explained. If the game could have provided more details for enriching its theme, it would be much more entertaining to play it.

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Despite its frustrating ambiguities, Robo5 is an exciting Android game with a unique feel. One of the positive aspects of the game is that it is totally free to download. However, after playing a few levels you will be informed to upgrade it and for that you have to invest $1.99. Once you spend this amount, you will gain access to 40 levels and also 8 hidden bonus levels.

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