The IMEI checker pro for iPhone, a very handy must-have tool

The IMEI checker pro for iPhone, a very handy must-have tool

I just bought my new iPhone and I really wanted to confirm its legitimacy, to be frank, i had spent a fortune on it. From a glance, you will probably notice that there are numerous Apps you could actually use to confirm this. For some reason, the IMEI checker pro caught my attention and I decided to try it out. Below is my honest opinion about the iPhone app and I hope it helps you.

The features of the IMEI checker pro

1. You can check how many times your IMEI number has been checked

This was definitely one of the coolest features I noticed and the first I really had to discuss. This way you can get to know whether any other person has ever had possession of your iPhone and if it’s truly new and legit. It is very embarrassing to find yourself using a stolen device especially when you spend so much to acquire it.

2. You can check whether your phone has a warranty

This is a very important feature, personally, i think it is very frustrating to take your iPhone back to the store because of a few glitches or issues only to realize you don’t have a warranty. Apart from the fact that you realize you were conned, you feel embarrassed and it is never a good feeling.

3. It shows you the purchase date

With this feature, i actually got to confirm I am the first user, just like I suspected. It was, however, assuring to know that. One of the simplest ways to know if your iPhone is new is by actually taking advantage of this feature.

4. Cool user-friendly Interface

This may sound a little bit personal, but the app was so user-friendly and I was able to use it very easily. It was also quite cool and I enjoyed every moment using it.

5. Fast

I got all the necessary information about my phone in just a short while. Sure, I haven’t tried any other IMEI checkers but it was fast enough and I didn’t waste any time.

Information the IMEI checker app provides

IMEI number
Serial number
iCloud status
Your iPhones model number
Your warranty
Purchase date


1. It is very easy to check if your iPhone is legitimate or not, this is useful if you buy it from a third party.
2. In a way, it enhances your security and gives you confidence when selling or buying.
3. You get to learn a whole lot of information about your iPhone.
4. You easily know whether your iPhone is locked or not locked.
5. It is very fast and you get all the information you need instantly.


1. The downside that actually got me a little bit devastated was the fact that app is a little bit large in size. I would really like it to be a bit smaller in size.

Final Verdict

I just needed the app to check my IMEI but it can be very crucial when you need to confirm the legitimacy of an iPhone. It is a very good up that I would recommend sellers to have in order to avoid the doubts buyers might have. Regardless, it is a good app that is flawless in design and all iPhone users must definitely have it. It is always good to know every little detail about your iPhone.

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