Games that let you do role play are incredibly fun to play. While our traditional games only require a little period of investment from the players, role playing games tend to be more time intensive and always keeps the player occupied. These games require a player to play the role of a character in the game which is most often different from the real personality of the player. A timid person might play the role of a fierce warrior or a shy person might try to fit in the shoes of a bold and brave character. These games prove to give more new skills like helping people master new skills

How the application capacities:

Download and install ‘ Dungeon iDoll’ on to your smart cell phone or other smart devices. Now open the game and register yourselves as a player. Dungeon iDoll is an encounter story of Battle Idols who defeat the fiends that assault humans. This game is a mighty leap forward in the gaming scene as it lets you play the game by letting you watch chronicles of records of the game and play the game simultaneously.

Features of the game:

Dungeon iDoll has many invigorating features that pull in players to it. A couple of characteristics of the game are given underneath here.

•             The game is simple to utilize and goes at a fun pace without any complexities

•             Your character will have the choice to grow normally without you not playing the game

•             There are many number of battle idols to pick your character from

•             With each image you pick, you locate a customized battle course of action that goes along with the character.

•             You can challenge various players at the field and play with real time players

Compatible with: