Puzzles are mainly used by the student that was really interesting and challenging. There were different kinds of the puzzle that everyone could make a fun with it while solving. Solving interesting puzzle is very awesome. There are many children and even adults today, addicted in different games through online. One of the most addictive games online was the game called; cross one puzzle. This game played on based on its name, “Puzzle”. I myself played this game on online, twice a day. It was very fun, challenging, interesting, and most of all educational. Cross one puzzle had.


Cross one puzzle is very easy game to play on. It will not take so long to study with this game. You have to match the number puzzle to the given pattern. You will see the 5×5 number patterned on the board. Once you will tap on the tile, it will add 1 directly to the adjacent tiles. Every completed puzzle will get 3 stars added. You can replay anytime before you proceed to the next level if you would like to collect more stars. This game is very interesting and recommended to those who are playing puzzle game online.


Cross one puzzle is very attractive, especially to the young children. This game is manageable and awesome. It was very colorful in the eye. This is the well-organized game which also recommended for all ages. Everybody could play and enjoy the game. This puzzle game could be found here.


Cross one puzzle is designed for the enjoyment of the users, not only for the children, but also for adults. This is another way of making some challenges actions through gaming. This game could help the users to enhance their talent and skills.


Most of the reviews of cross one puzzle are positive and awesome. Most of them played on many time in this game. They even mentioned the capabilities of having fun and challenges with this kind of game. They usually played the cross one puzzle every day.