100spots_logoRemember the one-level minimalist puzzle that we used to play with a pencil and pen in our childhood. Do you miss playing it? Cheer up! Now you have an opportunity to relive those days with 100 spots, developed by Code 262, LLC. Know more about this amazing iPhone game in this article. The game is just 10mb and available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 100 spots is also available in multiple languages.

What is 100 spots all about? : The game is all about connecting the multi-colored dots. The player needs to connect them with like dots. As the player, connect dots a new slide of dots replaces them. The objective of the play is to fill the grid using spots. This is a perfect game for those that love playing Knight’s Tour puzzle.

The play way of the game : The player can start the game from anywhere. The next dot moves vertically or horizontally, skipping two dots. The next spot can also move diagonally, but then it skips only one dot.

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Secrets to win the 100 Spots Game:

Focus – Distractions can prove out to be fatal when playing 100 Spots. The player should think only about dots while the play is on. To play a better game the concentration level of the player should be at its peak. So that he/she can use his/her common sense properly in this brainteaser game.

Plan – Planning the game play is extremely important. Wasting the power-ups could make it a little hard to win the play.

Discover opportunities – The player needs to keep his/her eyes on the game board at all times. Keeping track of everything going on board at once isn’t possible. So the player should focus on the board’s bottom, but should track the opportunities at the top as well when playing with the dots. Dotting is a real fun. From visual appearance to the play way to the crushing sound of dots everything about 100 Spots is great.

Happy Dotting!

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