Kids are always tempted towards the action games. The truth of the matter is that action games create a huge obsession and thrill into their souls everlastingly. These types of the game help them to relieve the stress of high-pressure work. On the iOS play store, you get the latest game named as Demon Escape. Let’s check out its features, compatibility, pros, and cons.

What is this game about?

GoLive games have come up with the latest game Demon Escape. Initially, the game starts with escaping and killing the demons on the way. Neel is the character you play which is enabled with a magical bow to kill the demons. While starting the game you are provided with five magical arrows to vanish the obstructions on the way. It’s a self-running game where you get the control to move up and down on the tracks available.

The run-up you make is calculated as minutes and you have o select the coins on the way. With every collection of coins, you can upgrade the game version, weapons, and even the player. After NEEL you can upgrade the player to LAAL which has a special weapon in his hand to handle the demons effectively. The interface of the game attractive and bounds you to play more and more to get coins. With coins, you get to upgrade all the features from the play store.

How to play Demon Escape

Like the infamous Temple run, the speed is controlled by the server itself and the player runs at its own speed. With may increase with the up gradation or when the challenge becomes tough. The arrows you need to collect on the way to kill the demons. There is no option to click and shoot the arrow as it automatically hits the target if you have an arrow with you. Here, the major challenge is to save the arrows for the later time and collect them.

Game details and compatibility

This Action game is developed by GoLive Games Studios AD and was released on 7th December 2017. Demon Escape: Shadow realm is compatible with any iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad device running on iOS 8.0 or higher. Released on the date 7th December 2017 and is the first version of its kind. The total size of this game is around 264 MB and the supported language is English. The game is well powered by Golive Games Studios AG and is rated +12 for horror theme, mild fear etc.

Special Highlights

The gaming platform is simple and binds you to play for the longer duration. The beauty of the game is its horror themes, special effects, shinning arrows etc.

  • You get the swipe control to save your soul from the demons approaching
  • Initially, you get 5 arrows in your bucket and they hit automatically on the target.
  • While playing the game you can collect the magic arrows on the way.
  • Collect the coins to upgrade the player features and the demons
  • With every upgrade, you get special abilities with respect to your player (NEEL/ LAAL)

Pros & cons

  • Impressive theme that creates a bit of horror
  • Well optimized game as it runs smooth


  • The in-app purchase is costly
  • The ads disturb while you vanish the demons
  • Poor controlling as you can scroll just up and down

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