What will you do if you wake up and find the things around you changed? Will you feel good or get upset? Obviously, if the things around you are better than your real world than you’ll feel great otherwise not. However, you never know about the outcomes! For now, just imagine you wake up and find the world changed. Thereafter, you go for an amazing adventure with someone and roam around the whole world. How did you feel? Of Course, it will be an amazing experience! So let’s feel that experience with this awesome application none other than Stand By You.

Stand By You is an amazing single-player adventure game developed by Water Phoenix, Inc. . It’s compatible with all the latest Android Smartphones having Android 7.0 or any later version of the Operating System. The designing of the app is quite good and the characters in the game are charming. To begin with Stand By You, just download and install the app on your device. You can customize the settings according to your comfort and start the journey with the two characters.

Basically, Stand By You is a kind of visual novel that you can play it about three-five hours with no choices. Once, there was a high school kid named, KYO-YA who woke up and found the world changed and saw a girl, ASAGIRI. Only the girl and the boy were present in the ruined world. There were no one on the Earth except him and her. The boy was unable to move his body, found the buildings have ruined, there was dry firm ground, the wast land extends, etc.

KYO-YA goes on a journey to live with the girl who keeps on dying. According to the girl who passed by, believes that the world ended.

The boy goes on a journey with the girl just because he wanted to look for other living things, however, the girl had a “mission” from God and wanted to complete it. The girl carried out her whole journey without sleeping and stopping from moving herself. You know that the girl repeats to die and revive a number of times, dozens of times, hundreds of times, thousands of times again and again.

The main reason for carrying out the journey by the girl is to look after the living things. Because human beings killed all the animals and plants on this Earth without mercy by the war. So they should understand the pains of those animals and plants. That’s why the girl keeps dying again and again so many times and revives again each and every time. Because she has to keep dying to atone a sin of humans. To experience the death of people killed by humans in the past and to die same as those,” that’s her Mission she should carry out.

As you know that God gave her this body and she can revive anytime she wants. So KYO-YA spends time with the girl who knows only pains,he thinks he wants to make her happy.

The sound effects in the app are in Japanese, but you can see the English subtitles also to understand the game better. So what beautiful moments they were experiencing! Just wow! Don’t worry, you’ll experience the same in this unique gameplay. Try it now!

Pros: beautiful visual novel; cute and charming characters; soft background sounds; English subtitles; unique single player gameplay.

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