Find your car in seconds just with a click

Spot Cars is a great app that helps you find your car or vehicle in a parking lot. It uses your GPS location to locate your car or vehicle and then provides you with the nearest parking lot.

The app offers a simple, easy and fast way to find your car or vehicle. It also has an interactive map of the city, so you can see where other cars are parked in real time.

This app is perfect for people who are constantly on the go and need a quick solution for finding their vehicle when they need it most

Spot Cars is a parking app that helps you find the nearest and cheapest parking spot. It has successfully been able to provide an easy and convenient way to find a parking spot. The app also has a map function that helps you locate your car or vehicle with ease.

This app is great for people who are looking for an easy way to find their car or vehicle at the end of the day. It’s also helpful when you are looking for a place to park with your friends or family, making it perfect for all occasions!

Download spot cars to locate your car where you park it and then be able to find it easily, it is the simplest and most convenient way to locate your vehicle so that you can later check where you left it and not go around looking for it.

Save your time

Available languages: English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Português

You will love the functionality
Open the app, locate your vehicle with a simple click and forget about it. then you can check where you left it, the distance and time to get there, use google maps gps if you need a more detailed guide to get there.
Don’t waste your time
It has happened to all of us, spending time and time, even thinking that our car was stolen, is one of the most common things. do not waste your time, do not worry unnecessarily, discover that with an app your problem is easily solved.

  • Download the spot cars app and be able to use it.
  • Place your car on the map with a simple click.
  • Do your business with complete peace of mind and without having to memorize reference points.
  • Search when you finish easily your car or vehicle location
  • See how far and how long it will take to go to there.
  • Program parking limit time warning
  • Use Google maps GPS if you need a more precise guide by launching it from spot cars

Forget about memorizing reference points if you are in a hurry, taking photos, references, using complex apps, bet on the speed and simplicity of spot cars.
Time is gold
An app that makes your life easier, solves one of the most frequent problems: where do i leave my car? the time that is usually lost in looking for it, is worth money.
Fantastic usability

The simplicity, ease and speed of locating and then locating your car or vehicle make spot cars an unbeatable app when it comes to locating and finding your car.
Even in our usual car parks where we live, it happens to us: where did i leave my car yesterday?

Can i locate my car?

Yes, in a simple way, you only have to give the necessary permissions to spot cars, let it use the geolocation of your mobile device. once this is done, the app takes care of locating your car, taking the geographical coordinates of where you park. with an error of 30 to 40 meters due to the sensitivity of your device, it locates your vehicle, then being able to locate it from its current position to that of the parking lot.

Is complex to handle?

No, not at all, it is an app with a very simple and intuitive design, it is about making your life easier, not complicating it, it is designed to be used without having to make an effort, it is almost automatic, just press the button and place your car or vehicle

What data does it save?

It saves the position of your car or vehicle, on your mobile device, it does not share data with third parties nor does it store it outside your device, it is totally transparent and everything is under your control.

Make a history, car parks, bars and shops if you wish. can after storing the point edit it, delete it and consult it. in addition to a small annotation when you take the point or past, saving if you want favourites in your history of points scored.

Do you have ad-free version?
No, at the moment there is only the free version, there are no more versions developed at this time, advertising is the way to finance the project, other modes of use that do not carry advertising have not yet been contemplated.

What’s happens if my device fails?
Spot cars does not store data that you take using it, all data taken is on your device.
If your mobile device is stolen, broken or malfunctions, you will not be able to access your data taken.

Take Away

Spot Cars is the best parking app I have ever used. It makes finding and then locating your car or vehicle easy and quick. The simplicity, ease and speed of locating your car or vehicle make this an unbeatable app when it comes to finding parking in busy areas.