CoachGuitar is a totally visual guitar lesson method. No theory, no tablatures, CoachGuitar guides you step by step, using videos and an animated guitar neck. Already a success, this iphone app is acclaimed in more than 140 countries. Never learning the guitar has been shown in such a simple way.

Manomaya has developed the CoachGuitar app for those who want to indulge themselves immediately, without constraint, at any time and in any place in the world.This is a new approach to learning guitar, based on the fact that the guitar is an instrument of oral tradition for the transmission of knowledge. The CoachGuitar team attempts to translate this tradition into the digital age through an easy-to-follow method that is also approved by instrument professionals.

The App concept

CoachGuitar has set up a unique and complete methodology for learning guitar,put at the opportunity of beginners and experienced.Based on a color system, the app offers its users quality videos with synchronized guitar neck animations. Each piece is thus dissected step by step to give all the necessary information: direction of the pick, playing string, placement of the fingers, rhythm, etc.

CoachGuitar is for free download (Freemium). Some titles are then offered free to users to test the methodology. Then, they have access to a large catalog of more than 300 titles updated constantly. Each one costs $ 4.99 for unlimited access to all learning features.

A complete app for learning guitar

CoachGuitar has been designed to provide a tailor-made and original methodology. The app offers its users a simple and rewarding way to learn guitar hits.

  • 100% visual course: animated guitar sleeve, full songs, lessons divided into stages, etc.Different angles of view are available: video of the right hand and the left hand to identify on the one hand the rhythm and the position of the different chords.
  • only five colors are to remember, and the user is ready to learn any song from the catalog.
  • Tablature / arrangements production : are properly produced by The CoachGuitar team. They are made in-house by guitarists. Then, the guitarists go to the shooting in front of the cameras to realize the exercises and the complete live versions.
  • High Definition Video: All courses are available in high definition, for optimal playback on High Resolution Mobiles.
  • Professional accompaniment: All the songs have a professional instrumental accompaniment to give the apprentice guitarist a global vision of the piece.
  • Beginner-oriented features: the app offers different beginner-oriented features: the key to learn and progress step by step. Thus users have the opportunity to set up Loops, Slow and play the piece note to note.
  • Catalog: The CoachGuitar catalog now has more than 300 titles, which already represents a large catalog. The app offers both the biggest standards as well as the modern hits. The pieces are chosen according to an analysis of several sources: Charts, Tops Tablature, Trend. Every week new songs are available.


CoachGuitar s a complete app with competing solutions and features that will allow an ever simpler learning of the guitar, the only drawback noted is the lack developing features with high viral potential: recording, content sharing, performance monitoring, etc.

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