The KINGFISH Sports betting app is an app which allows you to bet on different real games online . It is a free app which can be easily downloaded on any android phone. It is not real gambling where you can have huge losses, it is just a fun experience. It offers a wide variety of US sports games on which you can do betting like football, NBA , NHL , Tennis, Golf racing , etc. It allows you to do betting on real games and earn a virtual currency . You don’t earn money in all the games their are specific games like NFL , NCAA which really pay cash prizes after the pools. These games are marked specially. There are basically three types of betting Straight , Teasers , Parlays. The straight bets are betting on single games that carries a point spread. Teaser and parlay bets are collection of straight bets. You can choose whether you want to bet only within a group of people or you want to bet globally.

There is a leaderboard which shows the scores and tells who is doing the best. You can compare your performance with the help of these boards. You can instantly see your bet results and live scores anywhere you want to. It is very easy to use you just need to log in or you can be a guest user and yet another option is you connect through Facebook and bet along with your friends. The app offers you to view the history of your bets and other reports so that you can be better at betting. It also offers you the stats of current games and previous records so that you can make the best selection for the bet. Recently they have introduced a new format dividing the betters into three categories: beginners , standard and advance so that you gradually learn about the ins and outs of betting. So even a complete beginner will also not face much problems in using the app.

It is a good app and can be a part of your hobby. But before using the app you must be aware of it’s pros and cons


  • Free to use
  • Provides bet results and live scores and stats of games to bet instantly
  • Includes all US based sports
  • Easy to navigate
  • Gives Virtual Currency so there is no stress of losing money
  • Don’t need to invest any money


  • In app purchases can cost a little
  • Can only bet on sports games whereas there are sites like 888 sport app which offers other bet varieties on politics or others events through same app.
  • Gives money only on few games.
  • Only US based sports are included

It had been joined by many users who have given a good review about it . People have found it a good past time which also allows them to make money sometimes.People have found it surprisingly amazing and even those people who were afraid of betting had an gradual liking for the app. It is an easy to handle app with good and wide features which can be used anytime and anywhere easily without any cost .

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