Learning how to farm may be quite hectic, especially if you try training on your own, as you will need plenty of knowledge and resources. However, thanks to the Farmer Sim Android app, you can easily be able to learn on how to farm effectively right from your phone! The Farmer Sim Android app generally refers to a simulator app developed for use on the Android platform, which helps you get knowledge on farming effectively by giving you step by step guides. You will get video tutorials through the app, which you can follow to get the best possible means to farm.


The Farmer sim Android app was developed as a solution to farming, especially for beginners since it is possible to have the tools required, and yet lack knowledge on how to farm. This app will therefore provide you with the best ideas and methods to farm, using different farming tools and equipment, ranging from tractors, combine harvesters, plows, seeders, among others. It is also equipped with an easy tutorial to help you use the app. Other great features are such as;

Ability to grow different plants: One of the most important aspects in farming should be knowing how to grow plants. Through this app, you will therefore get the knowledge on how to grow different types of plants effectively.

Ability to purchase new fields: Fields and land are very important when it comes to farming as they are the actual place you will get to farm and plant crops.

Ability to buy animals and manage them: There are different types of farm animals and you can be able to buy animals and even get ideas on how to manage them.

Steering wheel, buttons as well as controls: You will find controls, steering wheel and buttons to operate the farm equipment within the app.

Online statistics and achievements: You will get statistics and achievements from the farming activity which can help you share with friends with the app, and even challenge them!

How it Works

Using the Farmer Sim Android app is pretty easy as it comes equipped with a tutorial. Once you download the app and install it, you can begin by watching the video tutorial to know how to use the tools or equipment on farming and even cultivating the crops. To control and operate the machinery, you will have different control buttons where you will be able to steer the tractor in different directions, use it to plough, sow, or even cultivate crops.


  • Free to download and instal
  • Does not consume much space on the device
  • Equipped video tutorials to guide you around
  • Compatible across different Android platforms
  • Plenty of farming machineries to use within the simulator, such that you are able to know about the different farming tools and equipment, as well as how to use them.
  • Automatic driving feature for the tractors
  • Day and night modes


  • Supported only on Android platforms
  • Graphics seem not to be very clear

Final Verdict

The farming Sim Android app is generally the best alternative to manual training on farming practices as you get all the ideas and practical information you need on the farm. What is more, will be able to know how to use the farm equipment as well as have control over your farm environment. The app is also free of charge and will consume the least space possible on installation. Whether an expert or just a beginner in farming, this app definitely give you skills and get you to learn.

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