Swipetimes LogoTracking time is one of the most basic requirements that you might feel more than once in a day. Suppose you are a student and you want to find out how much time you’re devoting to each of your subjects. But running a stop watch each time and then writing down the statistics in a notebook is not the neatest of the methods you can pursue. Moreover, if you want to monitor your activities for over a month long period or in case you have to send this report to your boss for your whole professional life, it becomes a tedious task to follow which does not resolve the dispute in hand but only decreases your time span of 24 hours a day by more than an hour. So what is the best option that you can look forward to? Well, if you have not found it yet, we do have one for you.

We are talking about the latest Android app named Swipetimes Time Tracker that has been developed by Leon Chiver. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

SwipeTimes is a time tracking-cum-project management app. Here you can add multiple of your projects that you are working on side by side and keep a track of all of them simultaneously. First, you start with a project which may be a professional assignment or your personal mission to improve your time distribution pattern. Whatever it is, you can add tasks to that particular project and then each task may contain one or multiple activities that you will be monitoring.

Just because it’s a project management app as well does not mean that the interface will be complex and hard to understand. In fact, time-tracking is as simple as the “push” of a button, just like a stop-watch. What’s more is that you can add notes and tags to every activity. So you can write down the reasons why you are taking more time to cover a particular subject and then try to improve upon them. You can store these stats on your device, otherwise there’s cloud support as well for Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Other than managing different projects, there is another provision for different profiles in SwipeTimes. It keeps your private and business lives separate at a fair distance. So if you are tracking out of curiosity the amount of overtime you work daily without any extra pay, I don’t think you need to report that to your boss, do you? But yes, in case you need to send a report of your activities, you can export them in CSV, Excel and XML formats.

So overall, Swipetimes Time Tracker is a very powerful, easy to use and neatly designed tool to track your daily activities. The widget adds some more features and functionality to the overall package. So what are you waiting for?

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