Five Free Ways to Promote Your App like a Pro Using App Store Optimization

1.  App Store Tools

Using the App Store tools is advisable while working on an app to ensure App Store Optimization Or ASO. Ones already on App Store might want to re-consider and re-write some of the factors listed below:

App Name: Preferably should be keyword induced.

App Icon: Should be catchy and be able to stand out among the herd of other apps.

App Description: First few lines need to be unique to make an impression; highlighting awards, positive reviews also helps.

Keywords: Try and conduct a survey on the mostly searched words before finalizing on the keyword for the app.

Screenshots: All about flaunting the uniqueness of the app and artwork quality.

Ratings and Reviews: Continually invite people to rate and review the app but don’t go overboard in doing so.

Promo Codes: Promo codes are in, collect as many as possible by releasing updates.

Updates: Avoid writing ‘minor bug fixes’ in the description of an update instead focus on describing the enhancement of users’ experience.

2. Sales Price

          For paid apps, occasional drop in prices can actually boost up downloads. There are dedicated sites who simply track the sales of an app.

3. Review Sites

Sign up with various sites to get the app reviewed. Submission guidelines need to be followed for the review while having a demo video gives an added advantage. One is spoiled for the choice of review sites. Un-conventionalism is the key to reap the benefits of App Store Optimization.

4. Social Media

          Everyone is an active part of social media these days, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Social media has become a new means to reach the target audience. The USP of suing social media is to build relationships, share experiences and expertise. It would be foolish to view it only as a promotional tool because it inculcates App Store Optimization too.

5. Public Relations (PR) Options

          PR is paid/unpaid publicity of anything under the sun. Pros of PR is amount of credibility and appreciation one gets for the work done while the cons include no hand in the timing of publishing, in case its published.

In the PR of an app, a reporter is not really concerned about the app but about its back story and the likes.