In a latest news India has successfully clocked the second-largest number of mobile app downloads thus finally overtaking the US and trailing only China. The report data is inclusive of Apple’s iOS Store, Google Play and third-party Android stores.

Moreover the app usage grew immensely in India, driven by the introduction of subsidised, unlimited 4G access. India is popularly seen as an emerging market in the app economy, came successfully on top of the list for highest monthly average number of apps used and installed. It is reported that on an average, Indians use more than 40 apps in a month, while having a total base of close to 80 apps. By this parameter, China and Brazil are behind India.The analysis was professionally conducted by reputed firm namely as AppAnnie

Also the report showed that consumer spending behaviour of Indians with respective to mobile apps. Despite the familiar perception that Indians somewhat shy away from paying for in-app purchases but still they remain to come top.

It is also noted that Chinese video app namely as Bigo Live and Google Drive are the top apps where Indians have spent significantly in 2017. The report did not actually specify the amount consumers spent on these apps throughout last year.

The data also indicates an interesting trend where Indians are starting to pay for several apps. The more mature market is, the wide chances of monetisation, the recent report added. For instance China is ahead of India in terms of monetisation like the US, the UK and Japan, among others.

It is slated that in India, with the rise of smartphone usage and cheaper data, multiple startups have effectively ventured into online dating. Some of the other prominent names in this space include gaming, which illustrated a higher number of paying users traditionally than other categories. Interestingly Teen Patti successfully emerging as the best gaming app in India in terms of consumer spending.