It is widely appreciated after successfully rolling out green-coloured verification badges for business accounts on its messaging platform where WhatsApp launches separate app for businesses. They have effectively launched a separate free-to-download app called WhatsApp Business.

This beneficial app for businesses comes with the option to make a detailed profile listing business hours, address and website details. Business accounts could contact and message customers on their regular WhatsApp accounts through this. Moreover the users could block business accounts or report them as spam should they like to.

More interestingly the app is free for sake of users. But the firm plans to charge businesses in the future for additional features and capabilities. It is also noted that accounts on WhatsApp Business get certain messaging features respectively as “quick reply” with message templates and “away” replies for when respective customers contact them outside of working hours.

As for integrating payments within the WhatsApp Business app they would monitor feedback from the users for the same. Business accounts on the app, namely as those of e-commerce companies or the local shop, would have three types of markers to indicate authenticity, according to an FAQ page on the WhatsApp website.

These would be projected as green badge with a tick mark for “verified” accounts where WhatsApp has actually verified that the brand owns the account, a grey badge with a tick mark for “confirmed” accounts illustrating that the phone number listed is valid business phone number, and a grey badge with relatively a question mark for the rest.

The new app on Android would begin from Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, US, and the UK. India and the rest of the world would professionally get it in soon. It is supposed to suggest that in India, 84% of small and medium businesses think the messaging app assists them communicate with customers.

Finally while everyone in the world seems to be using this app every now and people require a break from exploring the golden business opportunity with the help of WhatsApp Business.