Bedside Values is a community dedicated to educating, supporting and connecting nurses all over the globe. Bedside Values is all about creating a community for nurses. This is the place for nurses, new or experienced, traveling or students, to gather and share their knowledge or read and gain some knowledge.

Learn from the Best

Throughout their nursing careers, nurses were taught to sink or swim. There is no better time to change that than now. The daily grind is hard enough; Bedside Values wants to focus on lifting each other up.

Converse with Others

It’s exhausting to face day-to-day challenges alone. Communicate with others to achieve success together.

Join a Thriving Nursing Community

Nurses can join a community of other nurses who can help them learn about their job, find support when things get tough and get the latest news about nursing from all over the world.

Bedside Values Mission

Generate together nurses to create community-driven change in the nursing profession. Nurses deserve competitive pay, safe and standardized care practices, continuing education opportunities, and up-to-date tools to perform job duties to the best of their abilities. Bedside Values are where nurses can gather to discuss issues and start the change that healthcare urgently needs.

Bedside Values Purpose

Bedside Values goal is to support nurses by creating a community that empowers one another to make healthcare changes. You deserve to enjoy your job and have an excellent work-life balance! Participating in a strong nurse community allows nurses to feel advocated for and informed about current healthcare events.

Bedside Values want to hear from you about your experience as a nurse. Share a story from your hospital so Bedside Values can learn from your experiences and help other nurses worldwide. Nursing is challenging and essential, and Bedside Values appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Final Words

Bedside Values tries to bring transparency back to the nursing career so that nurses can feel valued, appreciated, and served. Bedside Values is an online community that provides tools and information so nurses can be more informed and empowered. This way, they can be involved in a community and feel supported.

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