It is not a secret that everyone should work, the work is an important part of every person’s life it is the work that helps a person to find their place in the society.

And what kind of job it is preferable to find today?

From my point of view a good job here must conform to these criteria`
· Fair salary, salaries should match your labor
· Flexibility of time, The more flexible the hours, the better.
· Career growth opportunities, nobody does not want to execute the one same job and receive the same salary, everyone wants to have a career growth perspective and an improvement of working conditions.

And in what industry need to find a good job? each of you can have different opinions, but I personally think this is a good idea to Getting a Tech Job, why ?, because this industry has very high growth rate.

And so how to do it? Getting a Tech Job?

There are many good tech companies that offer jobs, but what properties need to own to be taken on the job?

Guidelines to get hired:

· Be enthusiastic. Not just about your job, but about other areas of your life. They know you like computers. It’s your penchant for deep sea sport fishing that’ll reel them in.

· Be flexible. The organization wants people who are able to rapidly adapt to new jobs and assignments. If you know more than one programing language, explain to them. Showcase all relevant knowledge, not just the exact skills needed for the position.

· Be comfortable. A excellent engineer might get away with a tee shirt and jeans. The marketing department’s next dynamo should show up in a smart suit.

· Get your stuff online. If you have a portfolio of art or apps, submit it online so it can be easily accessed by companies you’re approaching.

· Love the work. Show some passion for your work Demonstrating an affinity for the tech world.

· Demonstrate your creativity. Can you share an app you have in development? Do you sketch environmental details you’d bring to a game you could design? Show off your work.

· Network in the community. You can’t work in a vacuum. Connect with people with professional experience in the field. Seek out any receptive employees (current or former) to help prepare for the interview. An insider’s view of the company—especially from someone that also knows your own professional capabilities—can be the most practical viewpoint you’ll get on whether the job is right for you.

· Do your investigation. The process of reaching out to colleagues will give you a look of the industry, This helps you, as an interviewee, get ready to explain the possibilities and obligations you could handle in your new job.

· To show that you’re engaged in the tech industry and you want to find tech jobs, you need to use tools and websites created by the tech industry. Unfortunately, if you’re not using Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or have a public Facebook profile, companies may look over you. It’s incredibly crucial.

· Demonstrate your skills and have a project to talk about.

Show that you enjoy creating tech things and have the abilities that you say you do on your résumé. Work with other individuals on their ideas.

The tech industry is a excellent place to work and not only because you don’t have to wear a tie every day. It’s one of the most progressive areas to work where you get to work on solutions to issues that can impact up to large numbers of people and it’s also an exceptionally fun place to work.

I wish success to all, find your tech job!!!