Websites have been dominant in the world of online marketing for a very long time. This platform has been employed for the purpose of online marketing for a very long time. But the trend is progressively shifting to marketing through mobile apps. This has been precipitated by the need to interact and offer intuition to the end-users. Unlike websites that are purely focused on providing information to customers, applications offer more context to the customers compared to offering content. Additionally, apps are designed to engage the users more because websites are mainly focused on collecting leads that will result in sales.

If you are a novice in the world of app growth and implementation, then the following brilliant app marketing hacks will come in handy in your quest to attract end users

Employ Online Tools in Improving App Store Ranking

There is an array of online tools that are available freely all over the internet. Such tools are very vital in your quest to improve the ranking of your app in the App Store. One such tool is ASO that stands for app store optimization. This is the mobile version of SEO on Search engines. This tool is very efficient in helping the marketer gain more visibility on App Store. To ensure that you achieve this fete, you must incorporate the right keywords into the description and title of your app.

If you do not have the slightest idea of keywords to include, you should employ the Search Man Tool. This tool will give you a clear idea of the most sought after terms on the search engines. Additionally, this tool reveals your app ranking against your rivals as well as detailing the volume of traffic delivered by the keywords. For this reason, such a tool will teach you how to be efficient in tailoring your keywords to favor your search.

Creation of Exquisite Screen Shots for Promotional Purposes

The listing page of the app needs to have top-notch quality screenshots. As the saying goes, human are visual beings. They will always want to have a sneak preview of whatever you are selling before making the ultimate decision to addition to a screenshot; it’s a great idea to develop a mouthwatering promotional graphic for your app.

Graphics has the capability of delivering certain elements of the brand’s identity such as typeface and color. Additionally, they highlight the benefits of the app. What’s more, you can create them yourself using graphics software of your choice.

Outsourcing for you App’s rating and Review

If you are a novice in app marketing, you may not have the requisite information on how to go about asking for app ratings and reviews. Here is how to go about it: people don’t like the idea of being pestered. For this reason creating annoying popups on your apps imploring people to rate you don’t work. You might even end up getting very negative reviews and ratings. Additionally, you needn’t beg users to rate your app.

The strategy for getting an excellent review and rating is to design an excellent app, wait for the user to make an in-app purchase, wait for them to at least enjoy the app experience for a couple of days then ask them nicely to rate you. Never ask for reviews or rating when the user has had gory experience.

Automate App Marketing

Automation has the benefits of saving you valuable time, scaling your efforts as well as maximizing your returns. For this reason set up automation in your platform for auto-enrolling customers and nurturing them using in-app and push messages. This will help you to capture and transform leads into real customers.

Employ Push Notification Formulas

Clarity and brevity are the key highlights of any communication. A push notification is an alert delivered to your home screen when you are sluggish in using the app. A push notification needs to be sweet, concise and compelling in order to elicit a come back to your app. In addition, they must be personalized.

Optimization of Ad Spending

You can achieve this by hiring an app analytics vendor who offers attribution tracking. When this is done properly, it can be a great booster to organic campaigns. Attribution tracking enables you to track paid campaigns that are resulting in engaged end-users and can assist in making informed budget decisions.