Tips On How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your App

Keywords are what make the distinction between high and low traffic in a site. Are you considering presenting your App to an App Store and have to pick on just the right key words? These invaluable tips will go a long way in growing your App downloads.

The ‘Pick Less and Get more’ Maxim

Selection of just the right key words may not be an easy task. The formula below acts as a great guide to the right choice of keywords.

Be Competitive + Be Relevant + Think Traffic = More App Downloads

  • Competitiveness is when your App stands out of the crowd with its unique key words; hence, this results to less competition and high ranking.
  • How relevant are your keywords to your App?
  • Competitive and relevant Keywords increase traffic.

Because the above factors increase the visibility for your App, the result is more downloads. The right choice of keywords is definitely a plus for your App.

The choice would be between unique keywords, which could mean less competition, and pro-traffic key words.  A balance between the two is an even better choice as you eventually achieve both goals: high traffic and less competition.

How about target audience keywords?

For an already existing App, a good consideration would be optimization of keywords for your target audience.  Keyword optimization allows you to take statistics of your App downloaders and get to know exactly who is interested in it. Information such as gender, country of origin and age helps you know your audience so you can fit your keyword difficulty to your audience needs. Your best keywords may not necessarily be used by your downloaders; hence, the choosing the best  keywords for your app becomes highly important.