Tips On Optimizing App Landing Page To Ensure Maximum Downloads

Besides the technology and idea to build an exciting app, a lot depends on its marketing to make it a roaring success. Marketing becomes lot easier if you have a great app with an innovative idea. But in any case, you will have to make all out effort to convince users on the app landing page to go ahead and download it. That’s where App landing page optimization comes into play. It can ensure maximum app downloads within a short time.

With proper App Store Optimization, and by adopting other marketing techniques, you can reach out to potential users at the Play Store or the App Store Landing Pages, however, what makes them download your App depends on how quickly you can impress them with the help of elements on your landing page! The sooner you can impress, the greater will be your App downloads. It would be a one way game for you then.

App landing page is like movie release teasers and their posters. Now let’s have a close look at various ways in which we can successfully optimize the app page on the App Store and Play Store to ensure maximum app downloads. Though directions in Play Store and App store are not identical, the best practices don’t conflict with any of these guidelines.

There are three different direct channels which you can easily optimize to ensure maximum app downloads:

• App Screenshots
• App Description
• Video Previews/App Trailers

App Screenshots :

This is where you need to put in all your efforts to give a real feel of your App. Try to use at least five screen shots to explain various features of your app. Try to place App screenshots in order of its features priority. You can add supporting text on the top of these screenshots to explain what this page is for to get more downloads.Try to upload screenshots of all relevant features and add a mini-tutorial at the end on how to use certain functionalities right on the top screenshots. Also add new feature screenshots as soon as they’re launched. Always show relevant features in the screenshots. All your screenshots should be in color and should look realistic.

For instance, if it’s a screenshot for a game, you can show the type of weapons, multiple levels, types of cars and other things that engages the gamer. For any ecommerce App, try to show all categories of products.

App Description :

This is what potential users read before actually downloading the App. So take your time and write extensively about your App. The content should compel user to click, download and install the App! Treat your target audience like a cheetah that’s hunting for his next meal. He just waits for some scent of the meal, and then quickly decides whether he should chase it or not. Sometimes hungry cheetah doesn’t even think and pounds straightaway on anything meaty!

Use these five tips on writing good content for your App description:

• Write most relevant information first
• Use familiar words
• Write for lazy people
• Use top features in bullet points
• Write for scanners, as most of them never scan the complete stuff

Videos (App Preview) :

This is where you should get inspired and take cues from the greats like David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan. Like how they do 60 second teasers so well for their three hour movies, this is definitely an opportunity to impress the hell out of potential user. This will definitely maximize your app downloads.

There are five factors that are important for a good App Trailer Video:

• Script and Storyboard
• Music
• Length / Duration
• Feature list
• Voice Over

The script and the storyboard is very important before the App trailer is made. Again, it’s important not to try to blatantly sell! Remember that the objective of your video is to convert a viewer to a user. Show all important features of your App, includes the flow of other screens and gestures and even include their functionalities to increase the downloads of the app.

If its the game trailer, just show the storyboard of the game itself. It will surely impress the visitors!

Good landing page optimization techniques can ensure maximum app downloads by improving ratio to the app landing page visits. The success of the application depends upon the objective of the app, its performance, scalability, and the introduction of new features.