Xander English Wardrobe LogoOne of the most basic of tasks that we are encountered with during the growing days of children is teaching them an additional language, especially English, so that they can speak, understand and use to their benefit. Say you are feeling sick and you
go to the English doctor and tell him about your problem. He gives you some medicine and the problem is solved that way. But when your child is going to English play/pre-school and is suffering from a pain in his stomach, she just keeps on crying without telling the teachers, what the actual problem is. So its actually not the pain itself but the communication gap that aggravates the problem for you child and the teacher or caretaker. The only solution to bridge that gap is to get the child acquainted with some basic English terms of the body parts and give them a better insight into the world around them. Xander English Wardrobe does exactly the same!

I’m talking about the iOS app called Xander English Wardrobe that has been developed by EverAfrica Group. The developer is actually a mother of three and therefore you can expect her to understand how to interact with children. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Xander English Wardrobe focuses on an all-round development of your child. The app can be divided into four different sections. In the first section, your child will learn all the facial features such as nose, ears, mouth, eyes, etc. In the second part, the rest of the body parts are being taught. Pictures speak a thousand words and that’s why the beautiful illustrations provided in the app will help your child recognize and memorize the associated words permanently.

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You know how difficult it is to prepare a child for his school in the early morning. You have to dress him completely from head to toe as he himself cannot. That’s why the other two sections of the app deal with clothes and dressing. Here, first your child will learn about the different clothes and the associated body parts that they are used for. Then their learning will actually be tested given a specimen body and the complete attire and your child has to dress it completely. It’s a fun game but we know how important an educational activity it is.

A bigger advantage of this app lies in the fact that your child will not only learn the body parts textually but also learn to speak them in the exact manner they should be. This app puts a lot of emphasis on the right pronunciation. So just listen and practice as long as you get it right. Sometimes even the adults get it wrong. So it is better if they themselves take a look at the right way. So overall, Xander English Wardrobe will be a fun and interactive session for your child that holds equal educational value.

The app is available for R39.99 in the App Store.

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