tut_iconWhen downloading the Tut Keyboard App, you must have an android phone in order to use it; otherwise you are out of luck. Not only that, but while downloading, one must have really good signal or it will take an extremely long time to load. With four point six star reviews from over sixty eight users and five thousand downloads since creation, Tut is touted to be the coolest messaging app available this year. With just a tap of your finger you can send a message almost instantly. Message your friends a picture such as a flower or animal, a sticker of a heart, or an emoji such as king tut that looks either happy or sad. Not to mention texts such as, I am and a picture of a house, your instant message of “I am at home” is sent.

Tut works with email, texting and other apps like WeChat. This app is supposed to be much faster and much more efficient than the normal text messaging system everyone is used to. You are able to send or receive as well as make folders and edit your messages to fit your personal style. With easy access you can link Tut keyboard to your phones current messaging app. The phone has yet to fully load the app and so here is some information gathered from various websites in order to give you a glimpse of what this app is supposed to be capable of doing.

The app itself has taken over an hour to load and has finally been completed. As you open the app, it walks you through a “how to session” that takes roughly ten seconds. First, you will choose your message; whether it is an emotion picture, a phrase picture or an actual text, you are then brought to the “pick your messaging” source. There are seventeen different sources available, of which include Facebook, Gmail, Skype, regular texting and Pinterest.

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Once you have chosen your preferred message and the source in which you will send it, the Tut app formats the message to fit and automatically brings you to said source. Once there, you are able to click send and voila! You have sent your message and it is as easy as that. Tut has a built in keyboard that allows you to send personalized messages along with your chosen picture phrase. This makes it a fun app for young adults as well as teens.

The only real drawback that can be seen is that the process in itself does take more time than the average reviews claim. Whereas, typical texting takes only a moment the Tut app has to take you through several more steps than the regular text. In timing the app, it took twenty one seconds longer to send a normal text to a loved one or friend than it did to just open the text app originally on your phone and send a message off. In short, this is a great app to have so long as you are not in a hurry to send an important message.

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