Nowadays smartphones are flushed with wide varieties of music app claiming to provide quality sound to its users. Many of them are actually serving their purpose really very well too. So now the point is what’s unique about our very own iPhone TSC music app. The TSC music app uses Threshold Sound Conditioning technology where the app monitors the individual’s hearing condition and provide the sound which is accurate for their ears. This sounds quite amazing and interesting, as when other apps are just providing quality sound, this iOS app is serving both the purpose of providing quality sound experience for music lovers and additionally also taking care of our very sensitive organ,i.e ear. It is a very first music app which analyses the user’s hearing ability and projects it in the form of graphical charts and then according to the individual hearing ability it provides the sound which is equalized, modulated and soothes the whole music experience of the user.

This not only improves the hearing capacity of the user but can really help in preventing any hearing loss. Through TSC music, signals of the sound are customized according to the user and sound is supplemented to each ear according to the need,preventing it from any damage. So for a frequent listener of music like me, this app aids in exploring the diverse world of music without compromising with a beat where you can enjoy every sort of music without a fear of affecting your hearing ability. Well! to know more in detail about the app lets explore the features of this app.


  • Helps to visualize individual’s active hearing condition with the help of interactive graphs.
  • Promise to provide perfect sound which is modulated with active EQ.
  • It is actually a threshold sound conditioning technology which improves and prevent its user from any hearing loss.
  • User-friendly app where one can actually track their usage and progress through interactive charts.
  • Keeps a record of suitable INDEX for user’s ears.-Best possible sound quality which soothes your ears.
  • Display the most used INDEX for left and right ear.-Amazing display to navigate easily through the app.
  • Customization according to user’s choice.-Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad running on iOS 9 or later version
  • Stream your favorite music almost anytime, anywhere and enjoy the musical experience by integrating the app to Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.


  • Helps in improving the hearing ability using the Threshold Sound Condition
  • Fearlessly enjoy hours of music throughout the day.
  • Easy customization.
  • Best sound quality
  • Helps in tracking the time of usage and progress through the app.
  • No need to save your favorite music every time.
  • Just download the app and easily integrate with Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud for a wonderful music experience.


Only compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.-The app freezes often while launching other audio sources.-Every time user have to re-login the app after closing it.-Re calibration is required for every re-login.

Final Verdict

TSC music is a stupendous app with variety of amazing features, user- friendly interface and easy access to explore the whole world of music. Therefore, for all the iPhone, iPad and iPod users this is a must have app to actually improving their hearing ability and enjoy the quality sound experience.

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