Taxi Sharing AppIn this day and age where everyone wants to save time and money, a new taxi sharing app offers you just that. Download the Taxi Sharing App and the night before or right when you need a ride surf the app to see if there is a car near you heading towards your destination. Or if none are clearly visible enter your location and your destination. Automatically the app will locate the best ride for you and for the taxi. So both you and the taxi operator win as your ride will be at the lowest cost possible and your driver will maximize his route by picking-up 2 or 3 passengers that will have a common destination.

This new app offers a taxi operator the possibility to receive and dispatch multiple jobs at the same time within seconds, it can also increase capacity while eliminating the need for a dispatcher, it automates the whole process and centrally controls your full operations. In addition it gives the operator complete control of his fleet and empowers the operator to enforce compliance with its policies and procedures as well as access the system from anywhere at any time through internet.

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For a taxi business operator in addition to reducing the cost of the overall operation, the app is scalable so it grows to accommodate your growth, is reliable and powerful. For the clients they benefit from the best prices possible, a quality of vehicle and drivers that is enforced by the taxi operator. You schedule your ride on line, you know where your ride is at all time and you get your receipt on line. You can also comment immediately on line whether for a positive or a negative event.

The users are no longer taken hostages by a limited number of taxi companies who are rude and respect the policies of their organization they feel like following. With this new app if the taxi operator elects to not respect the policies and rules of the operator, he is simply removed from the app user list and will no longer receive any order. That’s what we call positive reinforcement, no need for an inspector as your clients are your best watchdog, no need for a dispatcher that in the end has no authority on the drivers. The app does it all at a fraction of the cost. Everybody wins with the tomorrow’s technology available today at the tip of your fingers.

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