Love to play Poker or visiting Casino? If yes then you are at right place here. I am going to share something with you here that what I get to play CasinoLife Poker on my mobile phone. I search one mobile app randomly which is all about Poker game. The development team of this game is Kaneva LLC.

At the initial when you will download and open it. You need to choose one character and that character can be men or women. Furthermore you can also change the outfit of characters if you wish so. This is really one of the dynamic approaches of this game.

After finalization of the character, you will enter a room where you will find other players also. There will be total 6 persons including you and other than that one person will distribute the cards. You need to play your chance in your slot only.

Another eye-catching feature in game

  • Chat: There will be a chat between your character and the other team player which you can check at the left side slide.
  • Point’s details: You can check all the details about earn points or even you can check the same for other players.
  • Sound: The sound effect is awesome.
  • Block Option: You can block any of the player with whom you don’t want to have conversation.
  • Colorful Graphics: The graphics are really good and suitable as per the category of game.

Top Features of CasinoLife Poker game:

  • The game is totally free
  • There is tournament
  • Every 4 hours there are free chips
  • Lavish tournament rooms
  • 3D Avatar
  • Quick Playing strategies
  • The game is having cooler themes
  • There is an option of inviting your friend

Price of this game app:

It is free to download but for additional content, the price will range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.

Things to be noted:

The game is not offering any real money neither it offers a prize. Also, keep in mind that practising on the mobile game does not make you perfect or success for real poker. It’s just meant for fun and entertainment and it should be considered in the same only.

Overall Conclusion:

Well, I have no complained regarding this game as it provides me all the features which I need. It’s like my friend who entertainment me in my loneliness. Big thanks to the developing team. Last it is a gambling game so might be not suitable for the kids. Just use your skills and enjoy virtual money.

If you want to know more:

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