Justin Smith, CEO of Contractor+ Inc comes with a new app that makes a handy tool for those who are all involved in Field operations, Contractors, Handymen, and also Property managers. The name of the app is Contractor+, perfectly designed with the intelligence of a contractor. The developer comes with an idea to ease the Estimation and invoicing process in projects but later they find more things to be added with this to help a project in its every step. Now Contractor+ is an app that has all the important tools for a project manager.

Contractor+ is neatly crafted with a bright interface and safe to use, we can find this app under the Business category in both iOS and PlayStore and it is compatible with all devices. Estimation, Invoicing, Managing tool libraries, Picking raw materials, and Regulation working environments are the core steps in any field project and Contractor+ helps you to ease these tasks and increase your credibility among the clients.

Every project was initiated with estimation and invoice, Contractor+ possess a unique method to ease the process with the help of stores like Home Depot, Menards, Lowe’s, Ace, and others who are in partnership with the developer. With the help of online stores, you can estimate the plan with pricing as a wholesale price, Also while invoicing you can include photos of the product in each line item and clients can pay directly through e-payments with YourPay, PayPal, and also as Bitcoin. Thus this novel option brings a tensionless environment among clients and contractors.

Contractor+ comes up with a communicating platform between workers, project holders, vendors, and clients. This makes the app edible to use and acts as a perfect tool for contractors. They can form a group with workers and assign the task for each of them, by adding your team members in the group you can inspect them at any time you want.

Workers can upload photos of their tasks after finishing it shows the productivity of the worker and inclination of the project. And contractors can track each member’s productivity and also able to track the tools and equipment’s availability status. Clients may able to watch every movement in the project through this app if they can’t be in the field and able to give their valuable comments to craft their requests at the scheduled deadline.

For handymen works, you can search for the best handymen around your area, and also for projects like home remodeling, you can find your contractors through this app.

Quick books allow you to generate a daily report for the clients and estimations, invoices, and other details about various projects were synced under a single interface to help the contractor to save more time.

A quintessential tool for every contractor is Contractor+, Which got the best review and ratings among the users in-store.

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