dartboard-App-IconDartboard is a tool for messaging that connects and individual to other people audibly. Dart or Sound messages are able to be sent to individuals and groups seamlessly and then disappear afterwards once they have been listened to. The app enables one to record any voice or sounds that are around them and then it is tossed just like a dart!

The app is created as well as sold by Dartboard LLC; it is the first Version of the app, thus Version 1.0 with a file size of 8 megabytes. It was released in January 14th in the year 2016 at a free price and a convenient age rating four and above. The app’s main purpose was entertainment and social networking.

Features and Description

The app enables you to involve yourself in great fun which is certainly genuine, as well as fast conversation using Dartboard! An optional filter is simply chosen and then, the voice recorded, it is then sent as a message (or Dart) to anybody. The receiver is then able to listen to the message easily and also Dart back as a reply.

The Dartboards Voicemail evolved voice filters used for customizing the user’s sound. Currently, Dartboard allows four filter options which are: Borg, Hunk, Helium and invader, but there are more filter options on the way being worked on and users should stay tuned for the same.

Dartboard provides a user-friendly platform which has its Quick Reply option which links the response automatically to whoever sent the initial Dart. The Dartboard experience may be conversational and interactive; it may also be used for sending quick messages and notes.


One should worry less about looking at their phone while moving, it is advised to just record the dart and while continuing their trucking. Darts allow and individual to toss to family, colleagues and friends. An individual may even toss darts to themselves as a reminder.

The four filters options available upon the release enable the user to change the manner which their voices sound! One may be able to even alter the pitch of their voice and may even sound just like an alien.

The Dartboard Voicemail evolved helps people to communicate in a way that is relatively easier, more meaningful and efficient.


The cons of this app are not really major drawbacks that can deter one from using the app effectively but they are minor demerits.

The application is only compatible with an iOS 8.0 or any other that is later than this though it ranges through iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The application has not received an enough number ratings to be used in displaying an average rating for its current version.

Final verdict

Dartboard is indeed the future’s voicemail; it depicts itself as the middle ground perfect for communication. Thus, Dartboard is surely more interactive when compared to a voicemail. It is also more personal when compared to a text message and even better, it is faster than a phone call. Download the app, record your voice, and begin darting today.

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