alpha_quest_iconAlphaQuest has come out as one of the top rated games that any ardent game player can actually enjoy. The game is a product of Rikkir Inc and has been purposely designed to operate in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For compatibility purposes, it also requires the mobile device to be using iOS 6.1 or any latest version. Interestingly, AlphaQuest is available to its users in quite a number of different languages; German, French, Dutch, English, Japanese, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.

How is the operation of this amazing game? Apparently, this word game engages the player in a series of words where one is simply required to tap a given letter and then provide the correct spelling of full words that have been formulated. This game is meant to engage one’s ability and skills in solving the given puzzle of letters and words. 

This amazing game has been designed in a way that the player is exposed to 50 different levels of tapping new letters to create words. As one advances over each level, the more challenging it becomes and thus the need to apply advanced tactics in order to successfully make it through.

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AlphaQuest comes in two different modes; single mode and multiplayer mode. This implies that besides playing this game as an individual, one can also invite a couple of friends and compete effectively to determine who can emerge the best in this word game. This is a good technique as it would ultimately improve one’s skills and understanding of this word game.

Are there rewards that come along with this game? Indeed yes. AlphaQuest allows players to gather and collect coins, spell words and even achievements once they make high scores. Furthermore, a player can boost the chances of getting high scores through using the power ups which stimulate the overall performance. Power ups can be earned as one consistently play this game and they can facilitate one to overcome more challenging levels.

Besides providing the player a fantastic experience, AlphaQuest has some awesome features that a player may actually enjoy. For instance, this word game allows the player to bring in some of his or her friends into the game; one can then check on how they perform in relation to the scores they get. It also provides leaderboards where one can follow back friends and identify their competitiveness. 

Furthermore, when it comes to multiplayer mode, an individual is offered with a variety of options to choose from while playing; fast or slow game play, the use of short or long composition of words, competing with your rival, playing as a single person and even electrifying the friends that one plays with.

In terms of display, AlphaQuest has taken into account high quality graphics with bright screen display that makes the game more interesting and worth playing. Other components that one can discover include upgraded word searches, Sudoku and crossword puzzles which can give one an exciting experience.

For one who is willing to engage his or her skills into this incredible game, this game is available and can be downloaded for free (its size is actually 54.8MB). With all these amazing components fully incorporated in AlphaQuest, this implies that this is a word game that any enthusiastic player should download and enjoy it.

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