Smart search & Web Browser is a particularly designed application made for smart devices powered by both android and iOS operating system. This search box is going to assist you in searching apps and some other items instantly on your device. And if the app or the item is unavailable in your device, then the app will display the web results on the screen of your phone that makes it simple to locate any item worldwide. The application is usually used in eastern and southern regions of Europe.


The application functions very fast with the special rapid launch option used on it. The application consists of a large search box which can be seen instantly and you can type text immediately for the search you want to make. The application also assists you in switching to some other search engines and also immediately which is a big plus. Various widgets are also included in the app. The best thing about this is that this app can be downloaded for free from both play store and iTunes.

User Experience

There are numerous good reviews from both iOs and android users alike. Several iOS say that this application is a substitute for manual offline search which is available on their iPhones. Users also say that search engine offers the finest and the latest results on their device. Several users state that the interface can also be customized.

User Interface

This app user interface is very user-friendly for iOS and android users alike. The size of the app is extremely small at only 22 MB for iOS devices. Because of the small size of thee app, it loads very quickly and is used for instant search rather than opening a normal web browser .The app is can be obtainable by users from 4 different language such as English, German, Russian and Turkish. The app can be used with apple devices such iPhone, iPads, and iPod touch also.

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