dz_puzzle_iconWhen I entered a game a thought it’s like every other logical based game. Goal is to connect pieces. Entering each level you get unsorted puzzle with obstacles. You have to rearrange pieces into finished, sorted puzzle in order to pass the level. You begin with starting pipe, which you have to connect to finishing pipe. In order to do so, you will have to rotate and move pieces of puzzle in order to create a new but valid connection between pipes.

Game is offered in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. On Start Screen, there are five buttons, Start Game, Continue (at last level you played) button, Configuration button, Tutorial and Quit buttons. Pressing Start Game button, you will always enter first level. Configuration menu offers game settings, Music, Screen Adjustments, Credits, Exit and Clear Continue buttons. Clear Continue button will erase game memory, so be careful with this one. When you think you have combination, make sure you press Check button, otherwise game won’t admit your combination by itself.

While playing a game there are several buttons on the top of the screen, but they’re small and I needed some time adjusting while playing a game because I wasn’t clear on their purposes. Game has good but simple graphics what is expected from this type of games. I believe that major and biggest defect of the game is tutorial which is unclear and only visually supported, and I wasn’t clear on beginning what is main purpose of the game, but once I figured it out, rest was easy. While playing a game I noticed several level sections which are divided by color. They represent game’s stages. I found this very interesting because i knew that I’m about to face a challenge in every new section and game was getting harder. Game also provided new set of obstacles – insects, frogs and so on. This made DZ Puzzle more fun and unpredictable. It also proved me why this game is better and different than other games of this type.

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Creator provided new dimension of logical games, which trains our logical capabilities along with our reflexes, which is unique and clever. As level number grows, execution time grows, too. Game also provided many levels that look alike, pushing us to compete with ourselves, making us better while we break our own records.

Trial version is free version and it’s incomplete, so make sure to buy a game. It costs only 0,61 $. This version is much better, it’s completely adds free and features are much better quality. Game has plenty levels to keep us busy for quite some time. It’s perfect for playing while stuck on bus, metro, waiting rooms, classes, or simply on our free time. It’s perfect for android devices. I tested it on various occasions and I couldn’t find any bugs or game errors which is great and rare quality within new games that hit the market.

I definitely recommend it! It has every quality good game should have, It’s fun, useful, clever, wity and high-quality. My final verdict of the game is that you definitely should have it. Buy it on google play and have fun!