word_puzzle_for_funMobile games have now become an important medium of time pass. Majority of Gen Y prefer spending their leisure time over their I-Phones. They even read story books over Phones. Ever increasing Population of fresh new games for android and Microsoft are burning examples behind the surplus popularity of I-Phone games. Apart from fighting and chasing and dressing the doll games, there are puzzle games. Puzzle can be of many types. Like picture puzzle and word puzzle. This world Puzzle is an excellent platform, where you can spend your leisure time and at the same time you can shape up your vocabulary skills. Keeping this beneficiary aspect in mind, Apps Genie Limited has designed a new age word puzzle game named Word Puzzles for Fun.

How to play the game:

The basic rule of the game is very simple. Since it is a puzzle game, you need to find out some meaning full words from the given jumbled text. There are rows and columns stuffed with nonsense alphabets; you need to make sense out of it by sliding and shifting the letters. With increase in difficulty level, the number moves become limited.

Some of the exciting features of this latest game; Word Puzzles for Fun are enlisted below

  • Levels and difficulty: Each level unfolds with a new treasury of excitement and difficulty level. Each level also gives several cookies as rewards.
  • Screen Layout and graphics quality: The display is attractive and eye bobbling. The effective interplay of colors is soothing to eyes and is quite acceptable both for adults and children.
  • Puzzle quality and standard: Puzzles are of standard quality and you got to have some basic vocabulary knowledge to crack this puzzle games. It also comes with helpful tips which would guide you through the different difficulty levels.
  • Sound quality: The Sound pops up at the completion of each level is vey tantalizing for ears. The cheerful sound after the successful cracking of each level feels like very rewarding. Moreover pressing of keys or swiping blocks in puzzles also produce ear soothing music.


The said game was launched just a year ago, 16th September and has enumerable number of pros:

  • Device Compatibility: They are compatible for both I-pad and I-phone and I-pod touch. It requires iOS 6 and later version.
  • Diversity in Language: Comes with both in English and Spanish Literary background.
  • Memory space required: The size of the game is small and can be easily downloaded and installed.
  • Downloading cost: It is free and do not demand extra financial burden.
  • Experience: Fun to play and the deadlines are achievable.

Cons of this puzzle game: This Game is a brand new launch in the I-Phone gamming market. No strong negative reviews have yet been registered against this very puzzle game. However, each game has some drawbacks and it is not different. Some adverse feedbacks have been registered, but those are vague and so small in numbers that they failed to gain impact in the modifier corner.

Final Verdict: Those chasing and fighting games are all about your sharp reflexes and do not good to your brains. A puzzle game is a game which demands a rigorous mental exercise along with sound knowledge in vocabulary. It is prevalent from our ancestral days and is still there in newspapers. But in this virtual tech savvy world all you need is just inside the touch of your mobile screen. So Word Puzzle for Fun is definitely a must gaming sensation.

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