Life is always uncertain and it often hard to guess what could really happen to you or around you tomorrow or sometime in future. If we have the power to know what is going to happen, we can be well-prepared to face the situation. That is exactly what PalmistryHD Android app offers to you, the ability to get a fair idea about your future including as early as tomorrow. With this app, you need not consult an astrologer or a fortune teller to tell you how lucky or unfortunate you are. This will help you shape your own future by understanding the consequences of what may happen tomorrow.

Great Features

This amazing app comes with two main features; the palmistry that reads your palm and the horoscope that tells you about your yesterday, today and tomorrow. The palmistry feature uses your phone’s rear camera to take the picture of your palm. The daily horoscope just lets you choose from zodiac signs list and read your horoscope. This app is about just 7.44 MB in size and hence does not consume much of your phone’s storage space.

Palm Reading Results

Once the app takes picture of your palm, it does some calculations and evaluation before showing the results. You will then get the option to read results using three options; one free and two paid ones. The free option shows you possible events in your love life, fitness and health, success and happiness, and career and money. These are the four categories that you get to see your results in the free version. The other two includes extended results that cover almost all aspects of your life such as family line, marriage, kids, old age, friends, etc and more.

Great UI

The user interface of PalmistryHD is simply amazing and quite easy to use as well. The horoscope you get to read is completely free for 30 days which is sufficient to validate its accuracy. The image of the palm is accurately captured and you can read what each line on your palm means. This app is great to understand how palmistry works and you could be a great palm reader among your friends and family using this app too. This app is built on the ancient science that deals with chiromancy for lines on your palm and chirognomy which is on different shapes, colors, and textures of palms, hands, and thumbs.

Advantages of this Palm Reading App

You can save money by going to an astrologer which is usually an expensive deal. You can use this app as a guide to self-improvement and plan your future. This app helps you be ready for unforeseen circumstances that may or may not occur. It is like having a fire extinguisher at home just in case but there is no guarantee if the fire will strike or not. But when it does, you have something to fight it. That is the main purpose of this app and it is absolutely free to download. This is one of a kind app that covers both palmistry and horoscope within the same platform.

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