Super Panda Adventure Tour is a platformer,adventure game which features a panda. The player himself is the panda. Whatyou have to do is take the panda through different hurdles.

Have you ever played Super Mario game? I bet you have. Super Panda Adventure Tour is very similar to Super Mario. The theme, the graphics and everything looks very similar.

This game is 2D and it is created for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are 10-year-old, 25-year-old or 45-year-old.
This game is the best entertainment for all.

General Information about the game 

This game is created originally by Craig Giannelli. The size of the game is 360 MBs which is totally fine, in my point
of view. And the good part is, it does not require any updates which means no more usage of the space. It requires the players to have at least IOS 10.0. The language of the game is English. It is said to be perfect for anyone of age 9
or more. It comes free of cost which means you can install it for free.

About the game

The game features a panda who represents the player. When you first get into the game, you see a brightly colored screen that is the main page. There’s greenery, trees, a shrub, stone wall, a pig, slime and a chest filled with gold displayed. There’s a moving board with “Super Panda Adventure Tour” written on it. And the panda seems to be holding it. Just below it, there’s an option “Tap to Play” to begin the game. On the top left corner, you observe five options. First one shows you the achievements made. Second one shows you the leaderboard. The third option shows the challenges. The fourth one shows an option to share the game with your friends. And the fifth option takes you to the shop where you can buy certain items. Once you start with playing the level. There’s a jumping option through which you can jump over your hurdles. You can kill your enemies that appear to be walking mushrooms in the first level by jumping on them. There are other enemies like slime, too.You need to collect the stars and the coins. You happen to find sticks too, that assist you in killing your enemies. Just throw the sticks towards them. You get to have three lives given. Every time you are attacked by the enemy or been into some hurdle, you lose a life.

Theme and Graphics 

The theme of the game looks like a forest. The background shows trees, bushes and shrubs. Everything looks very brightly colored and radiant. The panda himself looks like a cute little version of Kung Fu panda. There seems to be a sunny day with clear weather. The panda happens to walk over different places through out the game. The graphics mesh with the game quite amazingly.

Sound Effects and Music

A slight, happening music is played on the background while playing the game. The music can be turned off. There are sound effects to your every touch. For example, when you click to see the achievements, you hear a tapping sound which tells you that you just tapped an option.

Gameplay on Mobile

This game is available on AppStore. This is a great thing as you can have it downloaded easily in your iPhone or iPad,
experiencing a great time pass. The game runs smooth. Doesn’t take much time to load. Even the downloading does not take much time, if you own an internet connection with satisfactory speed. My internet connection was not that
efficient and fast when I downloaded the game. But it took less than five minutes to install it.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the game

  • This game does not require any updates
  • There are no ads popping while the game is played
  • There are 45 levels in three different worlds, which make
    it finishable
  • Can be played offline
  • The game has simple controls

Cons of the game

  • The panda doesn’t seem to have much control over the
  • The panda seems to slip itself from high places, which I
    don’t understand why and how
  • The levels get way hard that it becomes almost impossible
    to reach the end
  • The challenges option doesn’t seem to work well


In my opinion, this game is really great for everyone. It can be played any time. It can be played offline which is a great thing. The bright colors and a very soothing theme of the game makes it very attractive and eye catching. I love the theme of the game and the characters they display. It got 45 levels which get quite challenging as you proceed.
Overall, I would recommend this to everyone who are looking for a good game that can be played offline.

Worth Having App – Download the App