LifeTimes of celebration is one of the finest app available on play store that helps you to track and enjoy everything special happens in your life. As the name suggests, this app is all about tracking all your life events and celebrating your lifetime occasions appropriately at the right time.

Most of the people these days have a busy schedule. That’s the reason they are not able to remember dates and schedules of birthdays, meeting, marriage anniversaries etc. This app is designed and dedicated to tracking each and every occasion of your life so that you can’t miss any special occasion and events in your life.

This app has so many interesting features that make it one of the best lifestyle based application. Some of its eye-catching excellent features are as follows:

Excellent event/occasion Tracker

It’s one of the most amazing and excellent features of the application. All you need to add your celebratory moment details into this app. Once done, you will be able to track everything about that celebratory moment easily. It will notify you not only yearly, but hourly, weekly and monthly as well. Also, the inbuilt calendar is designed in such a way that it will notify you about time-based achievements. It’s like, You will get notified for 1,00000 minutes, 1000000 seconds, 1000 hours and so on.

Social Media Connectivity

It’s again one of the best features that this application has. With this feature, you will be able to share all your milestones and celebratory moments on Facebook. Thus, it allows you to connect with your friends and family on occasions and special events.

Occasion Details, Photos, and Milestone

Yes, this application keeps all your occasional data to give an amazing and super experience. You will be able to check all the information, pics and milestones of your specials occasions and events easily with this app.

Countdown to future events and occasions

This app allows you to add the future event and occasion dates so that you can stay updated. Once you will add date and time of your future occasion or event, the application will start showing you the remaining time for that particular event or occasion.

Frequency Milestone Alerts

It’s another great feature of this app. This application has three frequency alert levels. Great thing is that the app works automatically to maintain and manage time differences when you are out of that particular event location and living in any other state or country.

How It Works

The application is really easy to use. Just enter the details of your event or occasions into the app and relax. These details include time, date, place or location. That’s it, Lifetime will take care of everything, including time difference, automatically and will notify you on the right time.


  • Lifetime is an easy to use app
  • Yes, there is no complex feature or function in this application. This app will not confuse or annoy you at any stage.
  • It helps you to keep event/occasion dates and details remember
  • This app has an excellent tracking feature. It will keep you notified and updated with every coming events and occasion.
  • You Can Share Your Special Event Or Occasion Milestones On Social Media.
  • The application has user-friendly interface


This application has nothing to disappoint you. Its feature and functions are easy to use and operate. You will just love everything about this app.

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s one of the finest app available on play store with lifestyle tag. It has everything that you need in your daily life to stay updated with your life events and special occasions. Go and get it, you will surely love this application!!

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