moments_logoAre you so crazy about photographs? Do you love to take lot of photos and have an habit of collecting all photos to show your friends? Facebook has launched Facebook moments app only for you. This became most popular among people with two weeks of release. Sometimes you may forget to collect all pictures taken from your friends’ mobile. Here after you need not worry and rush to collect them. Facebook Moments app allows you to store all photos in a place from where you can get all photos whenever needed. You need not to text or call your friends to collect your photos.

When I first used this app, I doubted whether it is real or prank, but later i came to know about its unique features. Facebook Moments app keeps all my photos in a private place. It helped me to get my photos whenever I need. The photos are stored in their servers at the moment we take photo. You need not to upload each and every photo. It sync all of your photos at once. The app stores you and your friends photos according to the place you capture it. It automatically includes a location so, you need not remember it for further use. You can collect all photos taken in your last trip anytime. Stored photos can be shared in social sites like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp etc. As you know, we all love to get more likes and comments for our photos, the app helps you to share all your photos in social apps and become more popular. 

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Facebook Moments App gives an option to search all you and your friends photos at a click. Location is automatically accessed, hence all photos taken at that place are arranged in an sequence. So, it is easy to get all your friends photo easily. Helps to find all pictures whenever you want. Easy search option helps to get all photos taken at your vacation. You can save photos sync by other people on your camera album. This option is very much useful for us, since we can store all our best photos in camera album and will show to our friends easily. It is free right now so hurry up and download this worth app.

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