PDF Box logoPDF, even though you cannot edit it, is the most preferred mode of sending documents. They are usually small in size compared to Word files. As most users require files to view or print, PDF is the wide accepted solution for eBook and forms. So having an app for reading the PDF files is a must have requirement for your smartphone. Even though there are no. of PDF readers are there, PDF Box 2.0 by Alexey Plekhanov stands out because the unique features it offers. The PDF Box app is available for your iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The PDF Box app requires iOS version 8.0.

So why named PDF Box? The first step you find in the PDF Box app is categorize you PDF documents and put it in their box. You do not want PDF eBook on documents, right? So create new boxes and organize your PDF collection on that. You can press and hold a box for a little bit of time to move it. And another most important option available for better organization of these PDF files, is the color coding option. You can use various color, so you can easily go to the required box quickly.

PDF Box 2.0 is amazingly fast to read PDF files. You can even use password protected files (You should have the password, of course). It is build using PSPDFKit framework, so that it opens even large PDF files in a matter of seconds. The app supports full text search and handles links and outlines inside PDF files. You can create bookmarks in this PDF Box app. Bookmarks are used to quickly go to page in a PDF. You can bookmarks important point in a eBook. And another great feature of PDF Box is the zooming feature. You can zoom as much as 50 times than the original.

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When you are reading a eBook or magazine using PDF Box, you can annotate and comment required things on documents. The annotations you make are saved inside the PDF document with the standards provided by Adobe. So you can get the saved annotations, if you open the PDF in other apps like Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview etc. Various expected options like highlight, strike-through, and underline tools are available. You can even use free-hand tool for custom markings. There something goes wrong, use the undo tool available to quickly revert the latest action. You can even sign the document even with your own hand instead of the tools.

You can share these PDF with your friends, family, and colleagues along with the annotations. And printing options are also available. The comments you include can also be printed. Overall this is a complete app and blazing fast.

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