The newcomer that joined the range of video-sharing apps is currently raking good reviews from both the App Store and Google Play is called, Laleoo. It is free and available for download so you can try the app yourself. This is our take on the apps’ functionality, design, and other features.

Laleoo is another social media video-sharing app where you can easily add friends and view each other’s shared photos and videos. You can choose which friends to add or which friends to send your picture and videos to. You can also set the duration of how long your photo is active. Yeah, we have seen it before. 

Another feature that may seem familiar to us is the real-time viewing of user’s video. So, it is nothing new to us because other apps have the same features.


What sets it apart from others?

The user interface design is neat and very user-friendly. The layout of the buttons is properly placed. The whole feel of the app is fresh. Maybe we are just used to the apps we are currently using, but when you start using Laleoo, it will grow on you. You would like it better than the ones that come before it, design-wise.

What sets it apart from existing apps of the same kind is that users can easily capture back-to-back photos and videos that can be shared with their friends automatically, unlike other apps that you have to wait for your photo to upload. The continuous snap feature works the same way. You can easily share the whole set of pictures at one time and not one at a time. No uploading in-between snap is necessary. Talk about convenience!

Also, all of your friends can choose to download pictures that you want from one post or single event without having to wait for the individual uploading or sharing of photos and videos. This happens when you tag your friends in one single post or event. It will be more convenient for everyone to collaborate.

App users all agree that Laleoo is great for sharing life moments with the closer circle of friends and family because you can easily tweak the privacy setting based on your preference. The app also works even when you are not online. 

According to the creators of the app, you just have to follow 4 steps and you are good to go. First, you just have to add a title and message to your post, choose which of your friends you want to send or show it to, set the duration of the photo, and your moment will be automatically created and photos you take are automatically added.  

What are the downsides of using this app?

It is not really a downside but more of, what features can they add that others have not done before? The only thing that sets it apart is the continuous snap and the automatic moments created after snapping a photo or video.

People, especially millennials, have short attention spans. This is why apps must always think of innovative ways they can outdo other apps of the same kind so people would continue to use and support the app. 

We understand that Laleoo is still new to the game, but the app is very promising. Developers should think fast on their feet and update features, fix bugs and add more cool features to stay on top of the game.

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