8infinity Logo8infinity for the Android might just be one of the most addicting new games available on the market. If you haven’t heard about it yet and you’re like the many people out there who like easily addictive games, you are going to have to check this one out! 8infinity was revealed on the app store and is already making great strides with consumers!

Its popularity on the App store has quickly grown as more people find themselves addicted to the little 8ball on that endless glowing track. With a 4.6 star review and around 1,000 installs it’s already a crowd favorite – it’s not only a great way to kill time, it’s an excellent way to exercise your hand eye coordination and greatly improve your reaction time with its tricky quick antics!

I was hesitant of the simple game at first – but it soon won me over with its bright colors and easy game play. The fast pace of the game forces players to challenge themselves again and again with each new level they complete.

The concept of this dynamic rhythm in 8infinity game is simple – a small ball that rolls around an infinite figure 8 – every time the figure 8 crosses itself, a color appears. On either side of unit there will be colored paddles – your job is to hit the correct color when the ball rolls to the point of the intersection in the figure 8. It seems simple at first – but the speed increases with every figure 8 that you are able to complete – not every pass through the figure signals to you with a color – sometimes the intersection is grey, signaling no color and not to tap a paddle, you’ll feel compelled to throw your finger down – and lose the round and speed boost.

Occasionally a move will be thrown in where you’re not able to touch the screen and that little ball will spiral out of control – catching you off guard and throwing your established rhythm into a tailspin – it’s a tricky feat to get back into the swing of things and reestablish your rhythm once it’s been lost.

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Every loss is bitter in this infinite track of 8’s – each time you feel that harsh sting of defeat, in your heart, you know you could have been faster – if only you could have used the other button – you would have gotten further on that long road to nowhere. Each time you’re sure to improve and get that much further.

8infinity game is sure to delight people of every age – as its fast pace will delight younger crowds and simple controls and concepts along with a feel somewhat reminiscent of classic pinball machines – in an age long gone by. It won’t be hard to find yourself pulled into this twisted new take on a classic like Pinball – it’s almost a guarantee you’ll be seeing figure 8’s and colored balls rolling through your mind every time close your eyes.

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