With modern busy schedules, it’s easy to forget about some trivial stuff like sending mails including important ones that can have serious repercussions. Though there may be some overnight mail companies, lack of a convenient one makes it harder for people to complete such tasks any time past the usual working hours. Send overnight mail is a webapp that aims at solving this need for people. It makes it easier to send both softcopy and hardcopy mail without the hassle of leaving your workspace. It has affordable prices and one doesn’t have to sign up an account to use it.


Easy to use

With a simple interface that’s easy to understand, using this webapp is very simple. One doesn’t require a computer degree to navigate through the pages well laid out on the interface. Even novice users can find what they need by simply clicking any page they want.

Variety of options

Several delivery options offer a variety of options to users making it easier to suit different needs. One can also send different types of mail such as PDF files, bills and invoices, as well as applications online or offline to any part of America.


You don’t need log in credential in order to use the webapp making it more secure. This, together with the payment options they accept, which are PayPal and stripe, adds to the general privacy. You don’t have to use your credit card so you don’t have to worry about losing your money to fraudsters.

How to use

Once you get to the site, you upload your mail then enter the details of the recipient. For the softcopy mails, they are stored in the apps servers until they are sent after which they are deleted. Hardcopy mails are sent with the help of FedEx services. You then have to make payment after entering the recipient’s details then wait for a confirmation mail that you will receive once the mail is sent. The confirmation mail comes a short period after you send your request and contains a tracking number that you can use for verification.


With SendOverNightMail service, you don’t have to leave your office or even your desk making it very convenient. The fact that you can use it any time of day also makes it easier to beat deadlines increasing this convenience.

Although prices differ with the number of pages one has to send, the overall pricing when using this service is much cheaper compared to other services.

Customer management
Those with questions and concerns can easily contact their customer service management and they will get feedback soon as possible.

The service is currently available in the United States so it restricts people who live outside US.

Final verdict

This mail service is one of the best one can take advantage of since it’s fast, easy and convenient. You don’t have to worry about the mail not being delivered even when in a rush since they use a different confirmation code for each mail. This reduces chances of mix-ups or wrong deliveries. United States residents should therefore take advantage of this amazing service provider.

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