Over the last decade, people have evolved in technology. Most aspects of technology has however been focused on communication. This has brought about various social platforms including Facebook and instagram. On the same note, mobile based applications have been developed for the same purpose including snapchatt, telegram and Facebook. In an effort to further communication during sensitive times such as death, applications such as the iOS After application have cropped up.

The After application is an arguably revolutionary application designed to run on the iOS platform. The application allows the user to create a will and record a number of their last wishes and testament on a digital level. These messages can on the time of passing be sent to selected contacts. The application is easy to use and navigate by virtually all age groups.by simply downloading the app from the apple store, the user is required to complete a number of easy steps to start using the app. After downloading the application, the user first fills out their details for verification. This step verifies identity and creates a custom profile for its user. Next, the user selects a minimum of three trusted contacts. These are the contacts that the will and messages will be sent to when the time comes. After the successful completion of the above two steps, the user can start making their last wishes known on the app. They can record their funeral arrangements preferences, allocate their property, and make other relevant arrangements and even record custom messages for specific contacts. The application further allows the construction of a time capsule within it to be sent at the same time as the messages to their contacts. In the time capsule, multimedia messages may be recorded including picture sequences and videos.


The After application has a number of advantages to boast about including its well-designed user interface. The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate making it ideal for everyone. Being that it is easily available on the store, the application is ideal for everybody. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for expensive legal documentation when recording wills, the application makes the whole process by far much cheaper and easier. Finally, the application allows the user to change their recordings and messages at any time they wish making the whole process flexible.


Though with an array of advantages, the application has one major disadvantage to it. The applications messages and wishes are not legally binding and therefore cannot be used in a contest in court. As such, the applications recordings can only be used for purposes outside the conviction of the legal processes


The application is revolutionary in the conveyance of relevant and final will and testament. This application can therefore help a great number of people express their last wishes in their actual last moments. Making sure that your loved ones receive timely requests and control who can receive them guarantees closure for the ones you love. The After application is therefore ideal for everyone and should be adopted for a delightful send off.

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