Do you want to improve the security of your Android phone?Do you want to keep off people who pry your phone while you are away? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then this article is specifically designed for you. There are many screen locker applications in the market today, but none of them delivers results than the PIN Genie Android app. This app offers more security and functionality to users by employing its coding system. It enhances the privacy and safety of its users.

The app locks your phone when it is idle and asks for security code before you use it again.

How does PIN Genie App Work?

The app asks for permission on various elements to enhance the security of its users. On startup, you will be required to make few settings changes to allow the app to access running applications and notifications. The notifications can be seen on the lock screen. The information obtained by making setting changes will be held private.Upon installing the app, users will be given the option to initiate the lock screen process.Users can either use standard locking styles or the unique four digit pin code provided by the app.The app gives users to change other application features.

Features of PIN Genie Android App

One unique feature of this app is that it records all information when an intruder attempts to access your android phone using an incorrect code.The information obtained is sent to the phone owner email to alert him that someone is trying to steal or tamper with his phone. The app has a camera option where it takes the photo of intruders to help owners identify who the intruders are. Users can set the number of attempts intruders are supposed to make for the app to take the selfie.

Another great feature is that the app is directly connected to the email of the original owner of the phone. This makes it easier for users to reset or recover their forgotten pin. The developers of this app have come up with a 4 button Pin that completely changes the way the app operates. To enhance the security, after each individual entering the app changes the number of orders and this makes it hard for intruders to crack.

The app has several lock themes that users can choose from. It contains several wallpapers that users can choose.The most notable theme on this app is that of the 2016 US election featuring Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.


  • It notifies phone owners via email when an intruder attempts to interfere with their phones
    it is absolutely free
  • Email Notifications
  • It contains a photo capturing feature to help phone owners identify the intruders perfectly
  • Its theme can be easily customized to fit the needs of its users
  • it helps users to recover their password or pin codes


  • It is difficult to set up and use at first
  • It is a bit slow on older devices

Final verdict

If you have been looking for a secure app to lock the screen of your phone, then PIN Genie Android App would be your perfect choice.

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